Why Does My Pet Sitter Need A Key?

All too often during meet and greets we get asked by our clients if we can use a garage Pet Sitting Key Policy door opener or garage code as our single mode of entry into the house while we take care of their pets.

While most of us do prefer the easy access of our garages now a days – Menlys Pet Care does require that you provide us with at least one copy of your house key for us to keep on file. We can use the garage as our main form of entry if you prefer, but we do need to have a key as back up.

Why the reason for this policy?

Bottom line – technology doesn’t always work. What if there were a power outage? What if for some reason your garage door just stopped working and needed to be repaired?

There have many times that we have arrived at a clients house to take care of their pets, gone to open the garage door and it would not open.

If we would not have had our back up keys to the clients’ home we would have had to do the following:

  • Call an emergency contact that has a key – which would mean hoping that they were around, waiting from them to drive to the home to let us in and inconveniencing them while making the pet wait to be taken care of
  • Call a locksmith – which again means waiting for them to arrive, delaying the pets’ care and an extra, unexpected invoice for you to arrive home to

These situations are easily avoided by requiring at least one copy of each of our client’s keys. Not only does it keep our entire business running smoothly, it’s just another way that we provide peace of mind to the pet owners that intrust us with the care of their babies.

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