What Type Of Pet Sitter Should I Hire?

When searching for a pet sitting company there are several different options. You can chose from a solo pet sitter, a smaller pet sitting company and a large pet sitting company. A pet sitter is a pet sitter right, so what’s the difference? Read below to find out.

In-Home Pet SittingSolo-Pet Sitters

A solo-pet sitter is, well, just that! A single pet sitter. When you hire this type of company you will only be dealing with one single pet sitter. 

The Benefits

When you hire a single pet sitter you are able to deal with them one on one. Whether it’s scheduling, billing questions or the actual services, you’ll always be getting the same person. 

The Downside 

While dealing with one single person provides a certain level of comfort. However, you’re missing another level of peace of mind. What if your pet sitter got sick? What if their car broke down? What if they wanted to take a vacation? Where would you be for pet care? A single pet sitter doesn’t offer the back up and guaranteed reliability that multiple sitters offers. 

Large Pet Sitting Companies 

Which brings us to our next category, large pet sitting companies. For the purposes of this article we will consider a “large” company to be one with 5+ sitters working for them. 

The Benefits 

Larger pet sitting companies offer you the peace of mind and guarantee of someone being available to care for your pet. Having multiple sitters allows them to have someone available at all times so you are not without care. 

The Downside 

Because they are a larger company, often times they often times cannot guarantee that you will get the same pet sitter at each visit. This presents several drawbacks. Your pet has to get used to someone new, you have to trust someone new with your home and you may not always get to meet each sitter. 

Smaller Pet Sitting Companies 

We’ve saved the best for last, at least we think so!

Pet Sitter Options Combining the personal touch of the solo-pet sitter and the guaranteed reliability of the larger company, the small pet sitting company offers you the best of both worlds. 

Many times a smaller pet sitting company is able to guarantee you the same pet sitter at each visit while still having another sitter available as back up in case of emergencies. You are able to establish a more personal relationship with your pet sitter while still maintaining the professionalism and reliability of a company. 


While we prefer the services of a smaller pet sitting company, you really can’t go wrong with any version of professional pet sitting services! It’s best to decide what is best for you and your pet to ensure a long lasting pet care relationship with whatever pet sitter or dog walker you chose. 

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