Viral Video – Cat Saves Son From Dog Attack

This video has been circulating Facebook, the web and news broadcasts. When I saw it, after my cheering of “Go Kitty!!” subsided, I realized that this video is the perfect opportunity to prove a very important point.

I have to be honest; as a pet sitter it gets a little tiring hearing people say “my cat doesn’t need a pet sitter, I’ll just put some food and water down for a few days and she’ll be fine”. Would you do this to your dog? I don’t think so.

Where did this thinking come from that our cats are self-sustaining and don’t need as much attention, care and love as dogs do and therefore don’t need a pet sitter?

Personally, I think it’s because cats express their love for us in less obvious ways and since we, as humans, are always so busy with all of the other things going on in our lives we tend to notice their subtle signs of affection.

This video, however, proves that our cats are just as valuable to our family as the dog is and therefore deserves the  same treatment and care as the family dog.

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