The Top 3 Mistakes Pet Owners Make When Hiring A Pet Sitter

There is nothing worse than getting a “pet sitter” to take care of your pets, and come home from a nice vacation to find the house is torn up, there are potty accidents everywhere and the dog is visibly stressed out. Unfortunately it has happened to some people when they have gotten a “pet sitter” for their pets. How can you avoid ever coming home to a scene like this?

1) Do not hire a pet sitter based on the cheapest deal. There is nothing wrong with finding a pet sitter that fits into your budget however, you should not be selecting a pet sitter solely based on prices because sometimes you really do get what you pay for. Make sure your search for a pet sitter includes finding out if they’re insured, experienced, have great customer service and most importantly get along great with your pets.

2) Hire a professional rather than the “hobby pet sitter”. Your pet sitter doesn’t need to be from a big pet sitting company that has multiple staff. You very well could find someone who is sole pet sitter that does it all on her own that fits wonderfully with your pet’s needs. But make sure that pet sitting is what they do full time and it’s not just a hobby. Otherwise it is not likely that they are fully committed to caring for your pets.

3) Do not hire the kid next door. Though kids mean well and would love to earn the extra cash, they’re also kids. Which means they are forgetful, lose interest in things quickly and do not have any experience needed to handle an emergency should one arise. Your pets are a big part of your family and your heart, make sure you get someone who is experienced and mature to take care of them for you.

Get your pets a real, professional pet sitter who is just as committed to the care of your pets as you are. Trust us, there is nothing more valuable to invest your time and money into for your pet than finding the perfect pet sitter!

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