Take The Quiz: Are You An Outstanding Pet Sitting Client?

outstanding pet sitting client

Does Your Pet Sitter Love You?

I would venture to guess that at least some of you would admit to secretly desiring to be your pet sitter’s favorite client. And I’m sure most, if not all of you, would at least admit that you wanted your pet sitter to at least enjoy having you as a client.

Honestly, you don’t want to imagine that your pet sitter secretly pretends they’re booked because you have been so difficult to deal with that the pet sitter no longer wants to have you as clients, would you? But I will tell you, it does happen. Want to know why? Because some pet owners are just downright bad clients.

I know none of you reading this are a bad client! But just to make sure that you’re the outstanding client that we both know you are, take a second and answer yes or no to the 10 questions below:

  1. Do you tell your pet sitter/pet sitting company “Thank You”? (us pet sitters love to hear how much you value the care we provide to your pets)
  2. Do you schedule your pet sitting visits at least a week in advance?
  3. Do you leave your pet sitter a tip?
  4. Do you follow your pet sitter’s policies regarding how to schedule?
  5. Do you pay your pet sitting bills on time?
  6. Do you leave enough food and supplies for your pet sitter for the length of time you’ll be gone?
  7. Do you make it easy for your pet sitter to find the supplies they’ll need (leashes, food, medications etc.) while taking care of your pets?
  8. Do you keep your pet sitter up to date on any changes in your pet’s care needs?
  9. Do you address concerns with your pet sitter in a polite and professional manner?
  10. Do you treat your pet sitter/pet sitting company with respect and courtesy?

If you have answered “YES” to all of these questions, CONGRATULATIONS! You’re an outstanding pet sitting client and you’re likely  among your pet sitter’s favorite clients!

The greatest pet sitting relationships are when there is mutual respect and courtesy on both sides of the coin. Pet sitter’s have a responsibility to provide our clients with outstanding, reliable and caring services and pet parents have the responsibility of being great clients in return.

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