Why Do We Have You Schedule Pet Sitting Online?

We do not take the fact that you trust us with your pets lightly. We understand that every time you leave your babies in our care, you are trusting us totally and completely to care for them and treat them like you would.

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So in order for us to ensure that we can provide you with reliable care and consist

ency, we have developed very specific policies and systems to ensure that you get the same experience with Menlys Pet Care each time.

By having an online scheduling system we accomplish 3 things:

1) It ensures that a visit is never accidentally missed. Every time you submit a scheduling request into our system, not only will your pet’s visit automatically be added to your sitters schedule but you will also receive a scheduling confirmation ensuring that the visit days and times are correct and that we have put your pet in our books.

2) We always have your pet’s care instructions up to date and in one, easily accessible place. Our pet’s needs change frequently and sometimes your pet starts eating a different food, has a different feeding schedule, is on new medication or has other new, specific requirements. Having an online profile, allows you to log in and update that information right away. No more calling your sitter every time something changes and hope they remember to write it down somewhere.

3) You can schedule any time, day or night. No more phone calls and emails requesting visits and waiting for a response. You can schedule your visits right away, whenever you want and as far in advance as you’d like.

The less time we spend writing out schedules and keeping track of client’s requests using archaic methods, the more time we are able to focus on the thing that matters the most; taking care of you pets

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