Why Your Pet Wants An Overnight Pet Sitter

Pet Sitting NoviWhere does your pet sleep when you’re at home? If you’re anything like our clients than your fur babies either sleep in your bedroom with you on their own special bed or they sleep right in bed with you!

Most of what makes pet sitting so great is the personalized attention and the ability to very minimally change your pet’s routines. Why not extend this to bed time as well?

Overnight pet sitting is a great way to know that your pets are receiving the best care while you’re away. Not only will your pet sitter be coming in 1-2 times during the day to spend quality time with your pet but they will be returning at 9pm to spend the night snuggling in bed or on the couch with your baby watching movies and giving them unlimited belly rubs.

Even cats can enjoy having an overnight pet sitter stay with them!

Some cats enjoy sleeping with someone or at the very least, are comforted by the fact that they have someone at home with them. Some cats even have odd feeding schedules that require them to be fed at times that normal pet sitting visits wouldn’t allow.

Another great candidate for overnight pet sitting are dogs that need to be crated if left alone.

Personally, I have 5 dogs and 3 out of those 5 need to be crated when I am not home. If I was traveling and had to have a pet sitter, I would not be able to bare the idea of them sleeping alone in their cages all night! Having a pet sitter spend the night with them and knowing they’re cuddling on the couch under the blankets, rather than alone in their crates, would do a world of good for my peace of mind!

Next to having a live-in pet sitter, overnight pet sitting is the best in pet sitting luxury. And don’t we all want the very best for our pets?

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