Pet Sitting GPS – FAQ

Trusting a stranger to come into your home and watch your babies is never easy. One of the biggest concerns is “how will I know that my pet sitter will show up?” Menlys Pet Care is happy to offer pet parents peace of mind with GPS!

Get Detailed Updates On Your Pet At Each Visit! 

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With your client profile you will be able to log in and see:

  • When your pet sitter arrived/departed
  • What was done during their visit
  • If your dog went potty or not 
  • Picture updates
  • Plus a link to see where your dog got to go during their walk!

Have peace of mind knowing that your dog walker or pet sitter showed up to care for your pet and what your pet got to do during their visit!


You will receive an email automatically when your pet sitter updates your pet’s journal entry so you never miss an update!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • No! Menlys is happy to provide this service to it’s pet care clients as part of our standard pet care fee. 

  • Log in to your client account. Click on my schedule. For any visits that are already completed you will find them shaded grey and have a small location tab. Click on the tab and the GPS map will pop open in a pop up!


  • Log in to your account. Click on My Schedule. Any walks that have been completed will have a visit note attached to them which will have a link. Click the link and you will be able to see where your dog walked, how far and how long. You’ll also see icons indicated if your dog went pee or poop.

  • Menlys Pet Care does not charge by time therefore we do not keep the same time for every sit. However, we do have a guaranteed service minimum of 20 minutes for all visits. The only exception to this is cats who are severely shy which have a 15 minute service minimum. 

  • Because every dog is different we do not guarantee an exact length of time for our walks however, below is a guide of what you can expect for your dog’s walks

    Puppies, Seniors & Dogs w/illness – walks are based on the dogs abilities to walk on any given day and can range in time depending on the day and individual dog.

    Healthy Adult Dogs – depending on the size and activity level of the dog, walks can be expected to be between 15-25 minutes with more active dogs being on the longer side of the time frame. 

    Inclement Weather – Walks will be shortened during inclement weather. The length of the walk depends on the severity of the weather. Menlys dog walkers do not walk when the temperature reaches below 10 degrees or under heat advisories. Dogs will receive potty breaks under these circumstances 

  • We are happy to still send you a daily text if you’d like! If you’d prefer to just log in and see the information for yourself, we are okay with that as well! Just let us know and we will be happy to do whichever you prefer.

  • Unfortunately technology is not always perfect and the location signal on our phone can be off just a little bit. If you’re noticing check in or check outs that are just down the street or very close to your house, this is normal and just part of the location signal. However, if for some reason you are seeing check in/outs that are very far from your home please contact us.