Do Pet Sitters Work On Holidays?

Everyone loves the holidays! Even if you don’t enjoy the holiday itself I am sure that, at Kitten With Bowthe very least, you enjoy getting to have the day off. You get to sleep in, watch a parade or two, eat some delicious food and enjoy time with family or watching football.

The picture is a bit different for us pet sitters. Holidays for us are our busiest time of year! We have a lot of clients that travel to see family and friends which means that someone needs to celebrate the holiday with the fur babies of the family!

While everyone is sleeping in, our pet sitters are out at 5 or 6am getting ready to start their first round of visits for the day. Our morning is filled with dog walks and visits with kitties.

After the first round of morning sits are completed, we get to spend some time with our families and then head back out for round two of visits in the afternoon which usually last from 2pm-4pm.

We head home, enjoy some delicious turkey with the fixings, relax for a bit and then we are right back out to end our day with evening visits with our 4-legged companions. Our day usually comes to an end around 9-10pm.

It may come as a surprise to you however to know that we actually don’t mind doing this! Sure it would be nice to have the day off, but we just look at our holidays a bit different. We still get to enjoy time with our families while taking care of our client’s pets that we’ve come to love so much which in a way, makes our holidays complete.

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