Our Clients Say It Best

“Thank you Sarah…you clearly know the importance of pets as family members.

The above quote is what I received in an email recently after signing up another wonderful client for our pet sitting services. It is always so great to hear positive feedback and compliments like this from clients, but this one was especially meaningful to me. Whyhoto of Northville Pet Sitter?

This statement means to me that I am successfully conveying to my clients what Menlys Pet Care is really all about. We are not just a pet sitting company. We don’t just come to your home to “walk your dog” or “feed the cat”. We are there to take exceptional care of your family members. Each of your pets have individual routines, habits and needs. We don’t provide “one size fits all” pet sitting services, we provide pet sitting visits that are individually tailored to the needs of your pets and household.

How do we accomplish this?

We take the time to get to know your pets when you contact us. We want to know what their personality is like, what their eating habits are, what games they like to play and if they like to be tucked in at night. We structure our pet sitting visits not by time, but by the needs of your pets. We aren’t watching the clock to see when 30 minutes is up and then leaving; and we aren’t charging you extra fees because we had to stay extra time at a particular visit. Our visits are what your fur babies deserve: custom, full service and high quality.

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