What Makes A Pet Sitter A Professional?

search for professional pet sitterWhile you have been searching the web for the perfect pet sitter I am sure you have typed in something like “pet sitters in Northville” or “dog walking in Novi” in Google and have come up with many different results.

Some of these listings have been direct links to companies stating that they are “professional” pet sitters while others where links to sites like which list “hobby” pet sitters.

At a basic level a “hobby” pet sitter and a “professional” pet sitter appear provide the same thing. The basic, essential care of your pets.

So what makes a pet sitter a “professional”? 

A professional pet sitter is insured.

  • Why it matters: it shows that they are serious about being a pet sitter and it will help to recover damages if something were to happen to your dog or home

A professional pet sitting company should have policies and procedures in place when it comes to things like scheduling, payment and inclement weather.

  • Why it matters: if a “professional” pet sitting company is always flying be the seat of its pants and doesn’t have any real system in place, eventually it will turn into a nightmare for you in the form of missed visits, delayed responses when scheduling and billing headaches

You should be asked to sign a service contract.

  • Why it matters: professional pet sitters know the importance of not only protecting themselves but also protecting their clients through having a signed service agreement

This is just a basic list on how to find a professional pet sitter. There are many more elements to finding the perfect pet sitter for you and your pet; your decision should not be based on this criteria alone. This is just a starting point but now you’re headed in the right direction!

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