How Do I Know A Pet Sitter Won’t Steal?

One of the biggest concerns with hiring a pet sitter is letting a STRANGER into your home unattended and hoping they don’t go through your belongings and steal something. 

Searching for safe pet sitter

You’re trusting this person with a key to the house, security codes, garage codes and access to your home without you there. That is pretty scary!

So how do you know the pet sitter you hire won’t come into your home and rob you blind? Here’s how to protect yourself:


This point cannot be stressed enough! First, I’ll admit, professional pet sitter does not automatically mean they are a good person and won’t do anything wrong. However there are several important qualities that professional pet sitters have over “the hobby pet sitter” that make the pro the way to go.

  • A professional pet sitter does this for a living. That means that this person has decided that they want to spend everyday of their life dedicating themselves to taking care of client’s pets and homes. Typically when someone makes this kind of life decision and decides to dedicate themselves to this profession, they take it seriously. Professional pet sitters treat clients with respect and honesty because it is their passion to do so! 
  • Following the last point, because a professional pet sitter has decided to make this their profession, they have a reputation to protect. You cannot make a living as a pet sitter if the reputation around town is that you’re untrustworthy and steal things. Professional pet sitters take this very seriously! 
  • Professional pet sitters are bonded and insured. This way if there ever was an accusation of theft, the insurance company can help you recover the monetary amount for any items that you lost. 

How do I find the right professional sitter?

  • Do your research. How long have they been in business? A company that steals Pet Sitting Key Policywon’t stay in business long. What do their reviews look like? There’s nothing better than hearing from other’s about their experiences. 
  • Call them and ask questions. How do they keep keys safe? How do they handle private information like security codes? 
  • Do a meet and greet! There’s nothing like meeting someone face to face and feeling their energy. Trust your gut. If you don’t feel comfortable with the sitter, don’t hire them. You absolutely need to be comfortable with who is in your home. 

Having a pet sitter has so many wonderful benefits to you and your pet. Don’t let the fear of finding the one bad apple in bushel keep you from having a wonderful resource in your pet’s life! 

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