How We Really Feel About Being Pet Sitters

I’m sure there are some of you skeptics out there that believe pet sitting companies don’t actually care about your pet. You and your pet are just another customer, another job, another dollar. However, you couldn’t be further from the truth!photo (4)

One of the greatest joys of pet sitting is getting to take care of pets over the course of many years. We really get to know these pets and start to form very deep bonds with them. Every time we come to take care of them, it’s like visiting with an old friend.

However, there is a flip side to that. At some point or another, the time comes that we have to stop taking care of that pet. Whether it be because of their passing, moving or changes in finances at some point or another we have to say goodbye to our old friends.

I recently had to say goodbye to one of my dog walking clients, Chola. I had been walking with her Monday through Friday for almost a year but now her and her Daddy are moving to a new house.

Everyday I could expect the same thing. I would call her name when I walked in and she would just wait in the bedroom with her tail wagging essentially saying “I’m happy to see you! But can we just do bellyrubs instead of a walk?”

After some convincing we would go for our walk and there wasn’t a time that she didn’t enjoy it as soon as we got outside.

These are the types of bonds and friendships that make pet sitting such a great profession but also, very difficult. We aren’t in the pet sitting industry because we want to get rich, we are in the pet sitting business because we truly, 100% do love our clients and what we do.

And in a very cool way, we are the luckiest pet lovers out there because we get to have deep bonds with more animals than we ever could have had if we weren’t pet sitters.

Even though it is difficult to say goodbye to our clients, it always makes it a little bit easier when the clients appreciate us as much as we appreciate them. photo (3)

Chola isn’t the first pet that we’ve had to say goodbye to and she won’t be the last. But each pet family brings with them their own unique memories and experiences and we treasure each and every one of them.


  1. lorrie's petcare says:

    Its always tough to lose a client, i’ve lost one to passing older dog and two others to moving. i had one client a lab named cooper we were bonded that dog adored me and i adored him and when he moved i cried.

    I love my job but i also try to tell others its not just play with animals the hard part is scheduling all the clients in, you give up a personal life and your always on call etc. sorry you lost yoru client im sure hope what whereever Chola goes she will get a great petsitter.

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