How Do I Get My Picky Cat To Eat?

Have you ever struggled to get your cat to eat at meal time? It can be  so frustrating when our cat’s refuse to eat because we want them to be healthy and happy! So how can you encourage your cat to eat when it appears they’re on a hunger strike? Try some of the tips below!

Make Sure Your Cat Is Healthy 

The most important thing to address if your cat starts refusing to eat is their health. Make sure your cat is still drinking water, using the bathroom regularly and follow up with your vet for a clean bill of health. Refusal to eat can be a sign of illness. 

Clean Their Dishes 

Be sure your cat’s food dishes are cleaned regularly. Not only can germs and bacteria live on dirty dishes and make your cat sick, the old food smells bad! Your cat’s nose is much stronger than ours so even if you don’t notice the smell, your cat still does. 

Warm It Up 

Throwing your cat’s food in the microwave for 5-10 seconds can warm it up a bit and make it a bit more appealing. What’s better than a nice warm dinner?? 

 Try A Different Brand or Protein 

Just like we don’t like all the same foods, every cat doesn’t have the same taste either. Your cat may genuinely not like the food that you’re offering and you could try something different. This may be especially helpful if your cat has eating the same food for a while. Even if you love pizza, you would get sick of eating it for every single meal! 

Sprinkle A Little Something Extra On Top 

Try sprinkling some multivitamin powder or tasty wet food toppers over your cat’s food to make it more appealing.

Use A Flat Dish 

Some cats don’t like eating out of deep dishes because it constricts their whiskers. Try feeding your cat on a flat dish rather than a deep bowl to see if they prefer that. 

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