Do Cats Need Wet Food In Their Diet?

Wet VS Dry Food has always been a great debate in the cat lover community with many different views. Some cat owners will Do Cats Need Wet Food feed their cats only dry food, others only feed canned food and others feed a mixture of both. So what should you feel your cat?

I’d like to start off by saying you should always consult with your veterinarian about your cat’s dietary needs as they know your cats medical history and needs.

Here are some facts about the benefits of feeding canned food to help you in determining what’s best for your cat.

Higher Water Content

Cats who eat canned food are better hydrated. In the wild, cats consume most of their water from their prey. Dry food contains an average of 10% water content while canned food is made up of about 78% water content. If you’re feeding your cat only dry food, chances are they aren’t getting as much water throughout the day as they should. Be sure to supply your cat with clean water at all times to encourage her to drink.

Higher Level Of Proteins 

Cats are carnivores and therefore survive off of meat and proteins. Canned food contains higher levels of protein (40-60% average) than dry kibble (33% average). Proteins help your cat produce amino acids which aides her body in things like growth, cell production and regulation of her bodies normal functions.

Though there are some slight benefits to canned food over wet food, neither one is nutritionally incomplete and can be fed on it’s own. Allowing your cat a mix of both wet and dry food in his diet is a great way to be sure that they’re receiving balanced nutrition as well as enough hydration.

There are so many different flavor combinations when it comes to canned food, try a few out and see what your cat likes best. Feeding them a variety in their canned food can help even the pickiest eaters stay satisfied.





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