The Best Pet Stain Remover – Pet Sitter Review

Pet messes are a part of life if you’re going to share you’re home with an animal (especially a puppy!). Whether it’s a potty accident, throw up or something they made a mess with. 

You’ll need a good carpet stain remover if you want to keep your carpets still looking and smelling fresh. With so many options on the market how do you know what will work and what doesn’t without wasting money?

Luckily one of the perks of being a pet sitter is getting to try out tons of different products client’s use! This gives a unique advantage to figuring out what stuff works the best. 

Below is our personal opinions on what I have seen work best over the last 7 years of pet sitting! 


Vote #1 – Woolite

In 15 years of pet ownership and 7 years of professional pet sitting, WooliPet Stain Remover te has never let me down. 

That time my Chocolate Lab ate 30+ Tootsie pops and threw up all over the back seat of the car while en-route to the vet? Woolite had me covered. The time a client’s dog had explosive diarrhea all over the floor in between visits? Woolite was there. Cat throw up and hairballs? No match for Woolite.

Not only does it work at getting up stains it also has a fresh scent rather than vinegar which a lot of other remover’s have. They also offer bottles that come with a scrubber right on top making it easy to get down deep into the carpet without needing a lot of paper towels. 


Vote #2 – SpotShot 

If you’re set against using Woolite there is another fantastic stain remover I recommend. Pet stain remover

SpotShot is especially great if you have a cat. It has worked great on any cat throw ups’ I have encountered. It actually works like in commercials! Once you have removed any bigger debris from the area, spray it on the stain and it literally starts disappearing before your eyes. 

Once the stain has disappeared or you have let the products set for a few minutes, simply blow with some paper towel to remove excess moisture and you’re stain free. Like Woolite, it too is free from the smell of vinegar and leaves behind a clean odor. 


Enjoying your pets while still maintaining a clean, beautiful home can sometimes be a challenge. However, with the right products and tools you can make pet mess worries a thing of the past! 

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