The Benefits Of In-Home Pet Sitting

With summer quickly approaching, many pet parents are starting to plan their summer vacations. As you’re planning your trips andin-home pet sitting activities, you may be wondering what to do with your pets.

Many dog owners think their only options are to take their dogs to a boarding facility or burden their neighbors, friends or relatives with the responsibility of pet care.

Cat owners face the same problems and often times end up leaving their cat with “enough food and water” for several days at a time and skip having someone over to take care of them all together.

Luckily for pet parents there is a solution to your pet care problems: in-home pet sitting.

What are the benefits of in-home pet sitting?

  • Your pet gets to stay in the comfort and familiarity of their own home
  • No pick up or drop off times to worry about – your pets are happily waiting at home for you
  • Minimal, if any, changes to your pets regular routines
  • Personalized, one on one pet care
  • No up-charges for spending quality time with your pets, going for walks or playing their favorite games
  • Access to their favorite napping spots, toys and games
  • Overnight pet sitting services are available so your fur babies don’t have to sleep alone
  • Because your pet sitter will be spending one on one time with your pet they are more likely to notice any behavioral or medical changes in your pet and can alert you right away
  • As an added benefit your home will be checked on daily and will have a “lived in look” to lower your risk of a break in while you’re away
  • Your pet sitter will bring in the mail and take out the trash
  • Professional pet sitters have made pet care their full time job so their experienced and can be counted on to not accidentally forget to take care of your pets like friends and neighbors can
  • No risk of injury or illnesses that can be caused from exposure to other animals
  • Once you’ve gone through the sign up process with your pet sitter you’ll be able to count on them again and again rather than “hoping” your friends, neighbors or relatives will be available.

Spend your summer traveling with peace of mind knowing that your fur baby is safe, healthy and happy in their own home; hire a professional pet sitter for your pets today.

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