The Benefits To Giving Your Dog A Walk Everyday

Benefits of Dog Walking

Getting a walk everyday is an essential part of your dog’s health and one of the keys to giving them a happy life.

Just like with humans, a 30 minute walk every day packs tons of benefits for your dog’s physical and mental well being.

Here are just a few of the benefits your dog gets when he gets a walk everyday:

Weight Management – Being overweight puts your dog at risk of decreased stamina, breathing difficulties, high blood pressure, diabetes, lowered immune system, liver disease and even cancer. Not to mention the stress the extra weight puts on your dog’s joints.

Makes Digestion Easier – Regular walks aid the digestive process and help to alleviate constipation

Mentally Stimulating – Going out into the world and having a focused task at hand (walking) allows your dog to use his brain. He also gets the opportunity to exercise his nose while he checks his pee-mail.

Reduces Hyper Activity – If you were stuck inside the house all day with nothing to do, you would start getting a little hyper yourself! Dogs need an outlet and somewhere to put all of their pent-up energy

Longevity – Keeping your dog healthy, limber and active allows her to have a long and happy life

Reduces Destructive Behavior – Most of dogs’ bad behaviors are caused by boredom. Your dog didn’t seek out to chew up the sofa or your slippers because he was angry or hungry, it’s because he was bored. When your dog gets to go for a walk he works off both his physical and mental energy which reduces or completely eliminates the desire to do some “redecorating” for you while you’re away

How long should I give my dog a walk?

Every dog is different and you need to provide the right amount of exercise for your dog’s breed, physical capabilities and level of fitness. Obviously Bulldog is not going to require the same amount of exercise as a Border Collie. However, a general rule would to shoot for a 30 minute walk everyday.

If your dog has not been very active lately, gradually increase the amount of time that you walk her. Start at just 5 or 10 minutes depending on how out of shape she is and then gradually increase the length.


  1. It did catch my attention when you talked about how regular walks for your dog can help them to alleviate constipation because their digestive process is getting the help that it needs. My Labrador is noticeably having a hard time in emptying her bowels. It’s important for me to find ways to help her from getting constipated again, so I will make sure to consider hiring a dog walking service for her.

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