5 Things You Need To Know About Your Northville Pet Sitter

When you call a pet sitting company to find out more about them I’m sure you ask the standard questions like: “How much experience do you have?” “Are you insured?” and “How much does it cost?”. These are all great questions to ask your potential pet sitting companies but what about the questions that you don’t feel comfortable coming right out and saying? We have the answers to those questions too!

1) Yes, we do this full time.

Yes! Pet sitting and dog walking are not just hobbies for us at Menlys Pet Care. Every single pet sitter on the staff (including the owner) does pet sitting full time (365 days a year, holidays and all) and dedicates their day to day lives to ensure that every pet in their care is well cared for, happy and that their owners are just as happy!

2) Yes, we really make a living dog walking and pet sitting.

Pet parents around the world look at their fur babies as more than just pets. They are members of their families that deserve the best care. Pet parents in the Northville area are no different which means we are able to take care of pets across the area everyday and make a living doing it. How wonderful is that? We get to make a living while taking exceptional care of dogs, cats, fish, birds, horses and more! How lucky are we??

3) We have more than just one client.

With almost 100 clients and growing, our schedules are full day to day with dogs that need to be walked, cats that need to be fed and played with and horse stalls that need to be mucked. Often times, clients can forget that pet sitting isn’t a hobby for us and our day to day schedules are jam packed with pet sits that need to get done through out the day.

4) We have policies and procedures that we follow.

We don’t take pet sitting lightly. Yes, it is great that we get to play with pets during the day and snuggle with them at night but pet sitting is a much larger responsibility than that. Our clients intrust us with the care of their pets, their belongings and their home and while they are away each on of those things are OUR responsibility. So when we go to a client’s home we don’t just fly by the seat of our pants. We have check lists and procedures that we follow to ensure that everything is done correctly while we are taking care of everything. We even have policies on how clients schedule pet sitting services to ensure that visits do not get accidentally forgotten or mixed up. Everything we do is geared toward making our services the best experience possible for our human and animal clients.

5) Online scheduling work does work.

There is a reason that we use an online scheduling system beyond looking flashy to potential clients. Our scheduling system ensures that visits are not missed or scheduled incorrectly, client instructions are always up to day so we know how to properly care for your pets each time we come to your house and it provides our sitters access to the most important home/pet instructions right from your home without needing to carry around instruction sheets in our cars.


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