3 Downsides To Pet Sitting

DSC_0193Like everything in life, there are good and bad sides to pet sitting. Though there are many benefits to getting a professional pet sitting service for your pet, it would be unfair to not also take a peak at the downsides to pet sitting services as well.

In order to make a well informed decision about the best possible pet care for your fur-babies you need to know all of the facts; not just the ones that make us pet sitters look good.

Here are the top 3 downsides to pet sitting (in comparison to boarding):

Limited Time With Your Pets 

In this regard, boarding wins hands down when it comes to the total amount of time is spent with your pet throughout the day. A pet sitter comes to your home 1-4 times a day (depending on the type of pet you have) and stays for an average of 20-40 minutes at a time.

In a high quality boarding facility, your pet will have access to other pets to play with for an average of 6-8 hours a day.

No Interaction With Other Animals

If your pet is a social butterfly, they may benefit from getting to spend the day making new friends with other vacationers at the boarding facility.

This can give your pet an opportunity to learn new social skills and also burn off a lot of energy playing with other pets.

Since in-home pet sitting is based in your own home and we come to you, your pets are limited to the interactions of its own pack if you have more than one pet. If you have only one pet, depending on his personality, he may get a bit lonely in-between visits with his pet sitter.

Pet Sitting Can Cost More 

Professional pet sitting is a personalized service that requires us to come directly to your home multiple times a day and provide your pet with customized care and one on one attention.

As a result, pet sitting can be more expensive than boarding especially if you opt to use overnight pet sitting services in which the pet sitter actually spends the night in your home with your fur baby.


There are downsides to boarding and there are downsides to pet sitting. The key to picking the right pet care services for your pet is to make your decision based on educating yourself about the pros and cons of each option, knowing what your pet would do best with and evaluating what you, as the pet parent, are most comfortable with for your babies.

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