When Should I Schedule My Pet Sitting Visits?

It sucks being told “No”, doesn’t it? Sometimes hearing “no” means all of the plans we had are now ruined. So how can you avoid being told “no” by your pet sitter? Scheduling in advance.

When you are starting up pet sitting services with a new company, it’s usually best to contact them as soon as you have your travel plans finalized. However, a week/two weeks in advance is usually sufficient to get started. Once you’re an existing client, most pet sitting companies find that 48 hours notice or more is best to ensure your pet sitting reservation.

But what happens if there’s a last minute emergency?

What if your current pet sitter cancels and you need to find a new one right away? Or there is a family emergency that you need to tend to? Many professional pet sitting companies are structured to allow for last minute additions to their schedule. Some companies may charge a last minute booking fee in order to accommodate your needs.

What is Menly’s Pet Care’s policy on scheduling pet sitting visits?

We understand that life happens and sometimes calling the pet sitter just slips through the crack in our very long “to-do list”, so we do our best to accommodate all of our client’s pet sitting requests (whether you’re a new or a veteran client) if there is room in our schedule to do so. During holidays, the farther in advance you can schedule your pet sitting services the better as these are the times of year when many of our clients are all traveling at once. Through out the rest of the year we can usually accommodate visits with as little as 24-48hrs notice.