What Types of Pets Do We Care For?

Many people think that pet sitting is just for dogs and cats so when I meet with someone and tell them that I have done pet sitting for horses I always get the same reaction; I wide eyed expression followed by “really?!”. Yes, really! Menlys Pet Care does not only provide pet care for the lovely dogs and cats of the Northville area but we also provide care for a wide assortment of other animals as well!

We have had the pleasure of pet sitting for some very lovely horses in Northville. Actually, some of my favorite pet sitting experiences and stories have happened while spending some time at the barn with these big beauties!

We have also spent some time taking care of chickens in Northville! I find these pet sits exceptionally interesting! We get to collect fresh eggs, play with baby chicks and hang out with some chickens. What a cool job!

We have also done pet sitting for snakes. rabbits, birds, frogs and fish! We always keep our door open to whatever pets you may have all pets are part of the family; whether they have scales, fluff or feathers, are small, largeĀ  or somewhere in between we will happily make them a part of the Menlys Pet Care family.