What Is Pet Sitting?

Most people have heard of doggie daycare or pet boarding, however there is a new type of pet care service that is catching the attention of more and more pet owners; professional pet sitting.Rather than taking your pet to a facility, pet sitting involves someone coming to your home and taking care of your pets. Your pet sitter can visit anywhere from one to four times a day and can even stay with your pet overnight. The length of the visits depends on the company and how they are structured but the average sit lasts anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes.

Why is pet sitting so attractive to pet parents?

1) Your fur baby does not have to suffer the stress of being relocated and left without their mom and dad for an extended period of time. Your babies get to stay in the comfort of their own home.

2) No need to worry about pick up/drop off times. Your pet is happily awaiting your return at home.

3) Your pet sitter will do their best to maintain your pets’ regular routine with regards to eating, exercise and playtime.

4) Your pet sitter is able to snuggle up on the couch or your baby’s favorite chair and give them plenty of one on one kisses, hugs and belly rubs.

5) Having a pet sitter means that your home is watched out for as well. A professional pet sitter will bring in the mail, water plants, take out the trash and give your home the appearance of being lived in. Having someone in the house several times a day also means that if a water pipe bursts or the heat stops working, there will be someone there to see it and take action before it costs more damage.

Pet sitting isn’t just for dogs and cats either. Pet sitter’s can take care of anything from fish and hamsters to horses and chickens. Those pet parents with babies that aren’t accommodated in boarding facilities can now travel in peace knowing that someone is there to take care of their feathered, hooved or scaly companions.

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