What Is Overnight Pet Sitting?

You have a couple options when it comes to what type of pet sitting services you’d like to have for your pets. There are the standard visits that you can have through out the day which typically last anywhere from 25-45 minutes in length. And then there are overnight visits which is what I am going to highlight for you today.

What is Overnight Pet Sitting?

Overnight pet sitting services are when your pet sitter comes to your home and spends the night with your pets!

How long do Overnights last?

Menly’s Pet Care’s overnight pet sitting services last from 9pm to 7am.

What does my pet sitter do during an Overnight visit?

During an overnight pet sitting visit we will give your pet exercise both in the morning and in the evenings, provide them with dinner and breakfast, administer any medications needed and provide them with plenty of one on one attention. This includes snuggling on the couch and watching movies together, belly rubs and having sleepovers in the living room under the blankies!

Do you still take care of the mail, garbage and house plants during Overnights?

Absolutely. Our overnight visits are full service and include everything you would expect during a regular pet sitting visit!

Will I need regular pet sitting visits during the day?

If you are reserving overnight services for your cat, they should not need an additional visit during the day. However, we do recommend that dogs have at least one regular visit during the day so they can go potty and break up the long day.

How do I reserve Overnight services with Menlys Pet Care?

If you are a current client you can log in to your profile and schedule your visits here: Schedule Now

If you are a new client and need to register, please follow this link: Register Now.  Once we receive your completed registration your pet sitter will contact you to set up a consultation!

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