Reviews of Menlys Pet Care

I was recently searching the internet to see if there were any reviews of Menlys Pet Care that have come up that I should be aware of. While doing my search I looked at a popular site, Yelp.

Needless to say I was a little irritated when I saw that our company had received 8 wonderful reviews from customers but ALL of them had come up as filtered.  This means that when you’re looking for honest reviews of a pet sitting company, you cannot see them unless you click on this tiny little lettering at the bottom of our Yelp profile that is barely readable and says “read 8 filtered reviews”. Since I know that conscientious pet owners want to do a little research about the pet sitting company they are going to be hiring I wanted to be sure that you were able to see reviews from other pet owners like you that have used our services. I will also show you how to read these filtered reviews for yourself right on Yelp!

(to view the larger image, double click)

Yelp Review1 Yelp Review2 Yelp Review3


Now, how do you look at these reviews live on Yelp for Menlys Pet Care or any other company? Find whatever company you want to search for reviews for in Yelp. Scroll down until you get to the area of the company’s profile where it has live reviews or, if there are no live reviews of the company, scroll down to where it says “About This Business” and you will see small grey lettering that says “read filtered reviews”. Look at the image below to give you a better idea. I hope this helps you to better accurately read reviews of local companies, whether they be for your pet sitting needs or not!

Yelp Review4