Pet Sitter Photoshoot with Dee Maggio Photography

I am lucky enough to know a great professional pet photographer Dee Maggio.

Dee not only works as a professional photographer, she spends HOURS dedicating her photographic talent to local shelters like Last Day Dog Rescue in Livonia Mi. She started working with the rescues a little over a year ago and in that time, the photo’s she has taken of the animals in need have been responsible for over 500  adoptions! (Yes you read that right, 500).

Naturally, when I wanted to get some professional photos done for my business I gave her a call! She was so great to work with. I typically hate being in front of the camera but Dee made me feel 100% comfortable the whole time. She has a very easy going manner and is able to tell you how to pose without sounding bossy and making the whole thing feel like a “project”. Not only was she great with me, but she was FANTASTIC with my dog Casey. They quickly became friends (especially after all the treats Dee gave her) and you can see how comfortable Casey was with her by the photos.

Check out more of Dee’s work here!


  1. I love these pictures! Well done!

  2. Dee Maggio says:

    You and Casey are FABULOUS to work with Sarah, I can’t wait to do it again! xo