My New Foster Dog – Buddy

I logged in to Facebook last Monday (the 14th) and saw these pictures:

Pet Sitter's Foster Dog Pet Sitter's Foster Dog

He was at a shelter that I have pulled dogs from before and my friend, Julie, at the shelter said he was scared there. Sometimes God just put things on your heart and you begin to jump into action without even thinking about it.  I contacted the rescue that I work with now, Last Chance Rescue, and asked them if they would take him if I offered to foster him.

A day later I was on my way to Lincoln Park to pick up Buddy.

He was shy when I first saw him but as soon as I got him into the car we became best friends. He spent the entire 35 minute ride to my house trying desperately to sit in my lap and cuddle with me.

When we arrived at my house it took him very little time to adjust. He has made himself at home as the officialBuddy4 Snuggle Bug of the house. If there is someone sitting down anywhere in the house, he is right there sitting in their laps.

He is absolutely in love with my cat, Mittens. If she is out and about, he is right there next to her following her around and doing his best to get even a moment of play out of her (yes, my cat plays with the dogs). The other day I actually caught him mimicking Mittens’s actions. She was laying on her back and wiggling around and sure enough, Buddy laid down right next to her and started to doing the exact same thing!

Buddy will play with the other dogs as well. He and my Chihuahua, Lulu, have become boyfriend and girlfriend. They’re always playing together in that goofy way that Chi’s play. He isn’t a big fan of my Golden Retriever, Copper, but I think it’s just because Copper is the only other male in the house.

There is such great satisfaction in knowing that I am giving this boy a second chance at life. One day soon he will be snuggling in the arms of his forever owner while always having a place in my heart.