Life's Abundance

With SO many recalls happening in the pet food industry and so many pets getting ill or even dying from poor quality food, as a pet care professional I see a huge need. As a result, I am super excited to announce Menlys Pet Care’s partnership with Life’s Abundance.

They are a small pet food brand that has very high quality food and other pet products.

Why I love them:

  • First and foremost, they have NEVER had a recall. This is huge in today’s market because so many pet foods have been recalled (including brands like Wellness, Blue Buffalo and FROMM which are considered “high end”!). On top of that, they make all their food in small batches so if there ever was an issue, they can contact their customers individually who would be effected.
  • Their food is made in the U.S with high quality ingredients. They’re normal dry food a 4.5 star rated food and their grain free food is 5 star rated. (Again, beating out the other “higher” end foods mentioned earlier)
  • Lastly, with their autoship option you never run out of dog food and save a trip to the store.

They have treats, supplements, shampoos and other pet care products as well! 

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