How To Schedule Pet Sitting With Power Pet Sitter

Because Menlys Pet Care is always striving to find ways to make using our pet sitting services easier, even more reliable and more efficient we have now started using a great online scheduling program called Power Pet Sitter.

Each client has their own username, password and individual profile. Your profile allows you to keep your contact information and care instructions for your home and pets up to date, schedule future pet sitting services and review past schedules.

Below are simple instructions on how to schedule your pet sitting services:

Example Trip: You need a pet sitter Monday afternoon through Friday morning. You’d like three visits a day.

Step 1: Select Appointment Name (for example: Christmas Trip to Grandma’s)

Step 2: Select Start Date

Step 3: Select End Date

Step 4: Click Continue

Step 5: You should now be at a screen that has all of your days marked with a question that asks “Will the schedule be the same for all days?”. Select NO because you will only be needing two visits on Monday, one on Friday and three on all of the rest.

Step 6: You will now be taken through each day to select the services/times you need on each day.

Example: To do your schedule for Monday you will:

-Select Day Visit as your service

-A drop down menu will appear with all of the time slot options

-Select “Afternoon Visit” and “Evening Visit”

-Repeat for all of the days in your trip

Step 7: Once all of your days have been completed, you will be brought to a screen that says your schedule has been submitted. If you have any special instructions for particular visits, there is a blue notebook next to each visit. Click on that and you can leave a “Note”. After you’ve completed your note, click “Save”.

You’re done! Now just wait for your email confirmation that your pet sitting visits have been approved and you’re all set!

If you need any help, please call me at 248-291-PETS (7387). I’d be happy to assist you in anyway I can.