How To Be Your Pet Sitter's Favorite Client

Who doesn’t love being someone’s favorite?! When you have a great relationship with your pet sitter, you reap the full benefits of having a professional pet sitter over any other form of pet care.

So how do you become your pet sitter’s favorite client and reap the benefits?

1) Schedule In Advance – especially around holidays! It takes a lot of work for your pet sitter to manage her schedule just right to be able to fit everyone in. When there is a last minute request thrown in, it takes quite a bit of manipulating of their schedule to accommodate those requests which often result in cancellation of personal time the sitter had scheduled or they are forced to say “NO” to you which, trust me, is something no pet sitter ever wants to do to one of their clients!

2) Pay On Time – Your pet sitter works very hard to provide you with quality pet care and most rely solely on the income from their pet sitting business to survive. When you don’t pay on time, no only are you taking away their living, you are essentially telling them that you don’t value their services very much.

3) Respect Your Pet Sitter’s Policies – Your pet sitter has his policies in place for a reason. They not only protect him but they also protect you and make the business run smoother. If your pet sitter has policies regarding cancellations, scheduling, payments or anything else; do your best to abide by these policies and always ask if you have a question regarding them.

4) Communicate Any Concerns – Pet sitters are humans and sometimes make mistakes. However, each mistake is a growing experience but only if we know about it! If something was not done correctly or you have a concern about the services being provided, speak up! Find a way to respectfully communicate your concerns with your sitter so that they can fix the problem for you. Not only will you have your concerns addressed but you just helped her becoming a better pet sitter!

5) Keep Your Pet Sitter Informed – If your pet has any changes in their schedule, diet or behavior be sure to let your pet sitter know. Your pet sitter is your partner in keeping your pet happy and healthy; keeping everyone on the same page about what is going on with your pet makes for great pet care!



  1. Dawn Dubelbeis says:

    This was a great blog post! And very informative. Who knew? 🙂