Dog Walking: The Alternative to Doggy Day Care In Northville

If you have to work long hours and have a dog, chances are you’ve thought about taking your dog to doggy day care so he doesn’t have to stay home alone all day. Doggy day care can be a great way for your dog to burn some energy and get to socialize with other of the canine species, but did you know that there is an alternative to doggy day care? Hire a professional dog walker!

How Is Dog Walking Different Than Doggy Day Care?Dog Walking Northville

Rather than pack your dog up in the car in the morning before work and taking him to the doggy day care, when you hire a professional dog walker we come right to you. Your dog walker will come in during the day while you’re at work to take your dog for a walk, play with her in the yard or just giving them some companionship so they’re not lonely.

What Are the Benefits To Dog Walking vs Doggy Day Care?

  • The biggest benefit to hiring a dog walker over going to a day care is the personalized, one on one attention. Your dog will be your dog walker’s sole focus and they will get their undivided attention the entire time they’re together
  • There is less risk of your dog catching any diseases such as Kennel Cough which is common at boarding facilities
  • After your dog and dog walker have had time to establish a relationship and some consistency, your dog walker will be able to tell if there are any behavioral or physical changes in your dog
  • Exercise for dogs is more than just for their body. Dog’s need mental exercise as well and a structured walk around new surrounds will keep their mind busy and tire them out more effectively
  • If your dog is nervous, timid, shy, or dog-aggressive doggy day care will be very stressful for them so having someone provide them with exercise all on their own, in familiar surrounds will be very beneficial for them
  • When you hire a dog walker, your dog will be at less risk of injury because he won’t be “rough housing” with other dogs or at risk of getting into fights with any other dogs
  • No need to worry about pick up or drop off times with a dog walker. We come right to your home whenever you’d like!
  • Your dog will get to pee in her favorite spots and check/leave her daily “pee-mail” for all her doggy friends in the neighborhood


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