Does my cat need a pet sitter?

It is a common misconception that you can go away for days at a time and leave the cat alone. All you have to do is put down a huge bowl of water and food and make sure he has plenty of litter and he will be fine, right? Wrong. Though cats are much more self sufficient and low maintenance than dogs, they should never be left alone for days on sitting in northville mi

Why does your cat need a pet sitter?

-Cats are known to get themselves into very strange places inside the home. Unfortunately, it is possible for them to get stuck in a closet or another small space and be unable to get to food or water. If left for days, your cat can suffer serious health problems or even die.

-An animal’s health can change drastically very quickly, sometimes even within a 24 hour period. If no one is there to see your cat’s health changes, the results can be fatal.

-Cats need companionship, mental stimulation and exercise. The majority of cats out there enjoy human interaction of some sort whether it be play, petting or just the sound of their voice (though we do know that it’s all on their terms WHEN they want they interaction 🙂 ). Your cat does get lonely when she is left for days on end with no one to interact with.

Getting a cat sitter for your feline companion not only provides your cat with the care he deserves, it provides you with peace of mind while you’re away.