Does Menlys Pet Care Have A Policy For Bad Weather?

If you are lucky enough to live (or have lived) in Michigan for any length of time, you know just how unpredictable the weaMenly's Pet Care Pet Sitting Servicesther can be. For example, last week for days in a row the temperature was either below zero or in the single digits; today it was 50 degrees!

Needless to say there are times when Michigan does not always provide the optimal conditions for walking a dog! Below you will find our policies for both pet sitting and dog walking services:

  • If the weather reaches single digits or below, we take dogs outside for a potty break or a short walk and then return home to play inside for the duration of our visits.
  • If there are excessive amounts of ice on the side walks, for the pet sitter’s safety and the dog’s safety, we take them out to potty and then return inside for play.
  • When the roads are too unsafe to drive on (sheets of ice, blizzard, extreme down pours at night etc) our pet sitter’s will wait until the roads are safe to drive and then will be sure all of our pet’s are taken care of.
  • When it rains we base our walks on the dog (depending on how bad the rain is). If your dog doesn’t mind light to moderate rain than we don’t mind it either and will continue with our walk as normal. If your dog doesn’t like the rain, the rain is severe or there is thunder/lightening near by we will take your dog out for a walk and then enjoy some playtime indoors for the rest of our visit.

When you’re leaving your precious fur babies with us, we will be there for them rain, sleet or snow!