What Does It Mean If A Pet Sitter Doesn’t Charge By Time?

I would venture to guess that while you have been searching for a professional pet sitter you have been scanning their websites and have seen that most of them explain their services like this:Pet Sitting in Novi

  • 30 minute visit = $X
  • 45 minute visit = $X
  • 60 minute visit = $X

So when you come across a pet sitting business, such as Menlys Pet Care, that says that we do not charge by time, it might be a little bit difficult to understand what you’re going to be paying for.

Well this article will help you to understand what it really means to “not charge based on time” and what you and your pets will be getting for your money.

Why Not Charge By Time?

The answer is simple. Your pet is an individual right? Your dog doesn’t have the exact same exercise requirements as the dog next door and your cat is not fed the exact same way as your friend’s cat. So why is it safe to assume that everyone’s pet’s  needs will be summed up in an exact number of minutes at each pet sitting visit?

Wouldn’t you rather know that your pet is being taken care of solely based on their needs rather than how long it takes?

When a pet sitter charges by the service rather than by time, it allows them to FULLY customize each pet sitting visit to the individual client and their pet. You’re charged a flat rate and the clock is not monitored while the pet sitter is with your pet. Instead, they spend every moment making sure they are following your pet’s specific routines and providing them with one on one, quality care.

How Will I Know How Long My Pet Sitter Is Staying?

When you get your hair done, do you watch the clock to see exactly how long the hair stylist is doing your hair to determine whether or not it’s a quality job? No, you just care about the quality of the cut and color you’re getting (of course, we don’t want to spend 4 hours in the salon chair but you get my basic point).

The same holds true for pet sitting. It shouldn’t matter how long your pet sitter is staying with your pets, but rather, are they giving them quality care that you would expect from a professional? Does your home look the exact same way as you left it when you return home? Were all of your instructions followed properly? And most importantly, do your pets seem calm and well adjusted?

If so, than it really shouldn’t matter whether your pet sitter stayed for 20 minutes or 45 minutes. A pet sitter that charges based on service rather than based on time, is more concerned with the quality of the visit, rather than the quantity of time spent doing the visit.

Does This Mean My Pet Sitter Won’t Do A Quality Job If They Charge By Time?

Absolutely not. I know many pet sitters who are outstanding at what they do and treat every client as if they were their own client. Charging by time doesn’t mean your sitter is going to be a bad sitter.

However, it does mean that the visits will not be 100% structured to your pet’s needs. As I stated earlier, it is impossible to put all pets into a standardized time. It often leaves the visit with too much time left over, or not enough time left at the end to complete everything (which often leads to additional bills to come home too).

It all comes down to you at the end. What do you value more? Quality or quantity?

Are You Abandoning Your Pet If You Get A Pet Sitter?

It’s completely natural to do: you think about your pet all alone at home for several hours at a time and you start feeling guilty.

You start asking yourself:In-Home Pet Sitting

  • Are they lonely?
  • Are they bored?
  • Do they feel abandoned?
  • Are they sad?

These very thoughts are what drive many people to the idea of taking their pets to a boarding facility because they believe that they will get more attention there. However, I am here to ease your mind about leaving your pet at home.

1) According to an article on Pets Adviser dogs sleep anywhere between 12 to 18 hours a day depending on their age. Cats, according to PetMD sleep an average of 18 to 20 hours per day. Your pet is not at home staring at the walls in boredom all day long feeling sorry for themselves. They are enjoying long naps on their favorite couch, bed or blanket. To break up their time and burn energy, having a pet sitter come in to play, exercise and snuggle with them 1-4 times a day (depending on the pet) will plenty fulfill their daily needs.

2) Dogs and cats are creatures of habit. They love their routines, their same napping spots, their same toys and the same smells and sounds that they are used to. Unless they are with you most pets do not like leaving the comfort of their home, so having someone come in to take care of them throughout the day rather than transporting them is actually more beneficial to your pet.

3) Yes, our pets do get sad when we leave them behind. We form very strong bonds with our animals and they love us just as much (if not more) than we love them. They don’t enjoy being away from us however, having a pet sitter come in and give them one on one attention, play, exercise and treats is as close to a mommy and daddy substitute as you can get!

It’s always hard to leave your pet behind when you travel but don’t fall into the trap of believing that you’re a bad pet parent if you leave your pet at home while you’re gone. Getting a pet sitter has many great benefits for your pets and they will be grateful for it!

Popular Pet Food Recalled: Read Immediately!

Natura Pet Products has voluntarily recalled specific batches of its dry pet food due to potential Salmonella contamination.

Here are a list of the foods recalled. This affects all foods with expiration dates prior to June 10, 2014 and all UPC’s, Lot Codes and Package Sizes!!!


Visit here for more information:

The Top 3 Mistakes Pet Owners Make When Hiring A Pet Sitter

There is nothing worse than getting a “pet sitter” to take care of your pets, and come home from a nice vacation to find the house is torn up, there are potty accidents everywhere and the dog is visibly stressed out. Unfortunately it has happened to some people when they have gotten a “pet sitter” for their pets. How can you avoid ever coming home to a scene like this?

1) Do not hire a pet sitter based on the cheapest deal. There is nothing wrong with finding a pet sitter that fits into your budget however, you should not be selecting a pet sitter solely based on prices because sometimes you really do get what you pay for. Make sure your search for a pet sitter includes finding out if they’re insured, experienced, have great customer service and most importantly get along great with your pets.

2) Hire a professional rather than the “hobby pet sitter”. Your pet sitter doesn’t need to be from a big pet sitting company that has multiple staff. You very well could find someone who is sole pet sitter that does it all on her own that fits wonderfully with your pet’s needs. But make sure that pet sitting is what they do full time and it’s not just a hobby. Otherwise it is not likely that they are fully committed to caring for your pets.

3) Do not hire the kid next door. Though kids mean well and would love to earn the extra cash, they’re also kids. Which means they are forgetful, lose interest in things quickly and do not have any experience needed to handle an emergency should one arise. Your pets are a big part of your family and your heart, make sure you get someone who is experienced and mature to take care of them for you.

Get your pets a real, professional pet sitter who is just as committed to the care of your pets as you are. Trust us, there is nothing more valuable to invest your time and money into for your pet than finding the perfect pet sitter!

Can I Get My Horse A Pet Sitter?

Humans have always been drawn to horses and few can deny their beauty. That’s why so many of us (myself included) have joined the wonderful word of horse ownership!

However, having a horse takes a lot of responsibility and time when they live on your property, Horse Sitting in Northville rather than at a boarding facility.

Have you found yourself wondering how you will ever be able to take a vacation without someone coming over to take care of your horse for you? Who do you call to take care of a horse anyways?

Well I’ve got great news for you!

A pet sitter isn’t just for dogs and cats, a pet sitter can take care of your horse for you too!

What Does a Pet Sitter Take Care of for My Horse?

Whether your horse stays in a stall or spends most of their time in pasture all day, your pet sitter can be there to perform all of the basic duties that you would do yourself if you were home, including the following:

  • Filling up water troughs or buckets
  • Provides hay and grain as instructed
  • Muck stalls
  • Pasture turn out

No more trying to get neighbors or friends to come over while you’re traveling to take care of your horse. With a professional pet sitter, you now have a reliable, experienced sitter to come and take care of your precious (and very large) baby! Every pet sitter and pet sitting company is different in their policies and what they include in their horse sitting packages so be sure to call and get the specifics of what they will and will not do when caring for horses.

Tips For Dog Boarding In Northville

In-home pet sitting isn’t always right for every dog. Sometimes, it would be in their best interest to go to a dog boarding facility while dog boarding northville you are away from home. If you find that this is the best option for your dog, here are 5 tips for getting your dog ready for their stay.

1. Prior to taking your vacation, have your dog spend a day or a half day of doggy day care at the boarding facility you plan on keeping them at. This way, they will get to experience the new environment and you will be back after a very short period of time so they realize that mommy and daddy do come back for them when they are at this new place.

2. Find out the boarding facilities hours before you travel. Are they open on Sunday night or will you have to wait until Monday morning to pick up your dog?

3. Bring your dog’s bed (even if they charge extra for you to bring their own toys and beds). Not only will your dog have something comfortable to sleep on, it will be their own bed which will give them familiarity while they are in a strange place.

4. Write your dogs name on everything! Leashes, toys, collars, bowls, everything! You don’t want to risk your dog’s belongings getting lost or mixed up with another dog’s.

5. For safe travels to and from the dog boarding facility, be sure to get your dog a harness or doggy seat-belt! It’s tempting to let your dog lounge around in the back seat and hang her head out of the window but it is dangerous for you dog. Be on the safe side and get the proper equipment for riding in the car!

These are just a few of the things that you should add to your checklist when taking your dog to a boarding facility. To be sure you are 100% prepared with everything your dog needs during his stay, be sure to call the kennel you plan on using and go over everything you’ll need with them!




3 Great Places to Walk Your Dog in Northville

Now that it’s June and the weather has finally gotten warmer, it’s time to get out and get active with your dog! We’ve been cooped up inside long enough during this last Michigan winter, go out and enjoy they fresh air!

A walk around your neighborhood with your dog is great exercise for you both, but how about a change of scenery?  We have got a list of 3 great places in Northville for you and your dog to enjoy the area and get some great exercise.

#1 Maybury State Park


I think many of us forget this, but we do have a giant state park right down the street from us here in Northville! Where could be a better place to walk your dog than in miles of beautiful trails? Maybury State Park not only has paved paths for you and your dog to explore, but for you more adventures folks, you can also venture off the beaten path on the hiking tails. Maybury also offers several different open fields and parks if you just want to go and throw a Frisbee or tennis ball with your dog. Pack up a lunch, lots of water for you and your dog and go head out into nature for a day! It’s a great stress reliever for you and a great way to bond with your dog.

#2 Downtown Northville 

If you don’t enjoy going out to the park or being in nature really isn’t your thing. Pack up your dog and take a stroll through Downtown Northville. The streets of Downtown are lined with great stores to do some window shopping and there are several places that you can sit outside and eat like Great Harvest Bread Co , Rebecca’s Restaurant or Pooles Tavern with your dog right by your side. Many of the stores in Downtown Northville are very dog friendly and keep bowls of water outside their store’s door so your dog can stop and take a drink of water while you walk. And of course whenever you’re Downtown it is a great time to stop in to Celebrity Pets Co to spoil your dog with some bakery style treats, some new toys or one of their countless designer-style colors and leashes. 

#3 Mill Race Village


Even if you don’t enjoy history Mill Race Village is definitely something you and your dog should go an explore. This small village are actual homes and stores that were around when Northville was first developed. As soon as you step into Mill Race Village you’re taken back to the 1800’s. The homes and the old stores are so beautiful and they are set right along side of the river that runs through Ford Field. This little village is a common place for weddings because of it’s rich history and beautiful scenery. Mill Race Village may not be large but it still makes for a great place to walk your dog and enjoy rich history and views. 

Dog Walking: The Alternative to Doggy Day Care In Northville

If you have to work long hours and have a dog, chances are you’ve thought about taking your dog to doggy day care so he doesn’t have to stay home alone all day. Doggy day care can be a great way for your dog to burn some energy and get to socialize with other of the canine species, but did you know that there is an alternative to doggy day care? Hire a professional dog walker!

How Is Dog Walking Different Than Doggy Day Care?Dog Walking Northville

Rather than pack your dog up in the car in the morning before work and taking him to the doggy day care, when you hire a professional dog walker we come right to you. Your dog walker will come in during the day while you’re at work to take your dog for a walk, play with her in the yard or just giving them some companionship so they’re not lonely.

What Are the Benefits To Dog Walking vs Doggy Day Care?

  • The biggest benefit to hiring a dog walker over going to a day care is the personalized, one on one attention. Your dog will be your dog walker’s sole focus and they will get their undivided attention the entire time they’re together
  • There is less risk of your dog catching any diseases such as Kennel Cough which is common at boarding facilities
  • After your dog and dog walker have had time to establish a relationship and some consistency, your dog walker will be able to tell if there are any behavioral or physical changes in your dog
  • Exercise for dogs is more than just for their body. Dog’s need mental exercise as well and a structured walk around new surrounds will keep their mind busy and tire them out more effectively
  • If your dog is nervous, timid, shy, or dog-aggressive doggy day care will be very stressful for them so having someone provide them with exercise all on their own, in familiar surrounds will be very beneficial for them
  • When you hire a dog walker, your dog will be at less risk of injury because he won’t be “rough housing” with other dogs or at risk of getting into fights with any other dogs
  • No need to worry about pick up or drop off times with a dog walker. We come right to your home whenever you’d like!
  • Your dog will get to pee in her favorite spots and check/leave her daily “pee-mail” for all her doggy friends in the neighborhood


Menlys Pet Care offers dog walking in Northville, Novi and surrounding areas! Contact us today to find out more and get your dog the best dog walking services in the area!


A Day Of Cat Sitting In Northville Mi

For the next week I have the privilege of taking care of mostly kitties! I love dogs, don’t get me wrong, but there is something very enjoyable about spending my entire day with my feline friends as well. I wanted to share with you what my day was like today while taking care of some of our kitty clients!

My first visit of the day was with Sparky. He’s such an affectionate kitty! He spent the entire pet sitting visit purring and following me around 🙂

cat sitting in northville cat sitting in northville









Next was a visit with two cats that I have been taking care of for a very long time now, Oscar and Meyer:


cat sitting in northville cat sitting in northville








And then last but not least I enjoyed an afternoon visit with Finny and Jasmine 🙂

Cat Sitting In Northville Cat Sitting Northville Cat Sitting NorthvilleCat Sitting in Northville

















Who wouldn’t enjoy a day of spending time with these adorable faces??

Pet Sitter Photoshoot with Dee Maggio Photography

I am lucky enough to know a great professional pet photographer Dee Maggio.

Dee not only works as a professional photographer, she spends HOURS dedicating her photographic talent to local shelters like Last Day Dog Rescue in Livonia Mi. She started working with the rescues a little over a year ago and in that time, the photo’s she has taken of the animals in need have been responsible for over 500  adoptions! (Yes you read that right, 500).

Naturally, when I wanted to get some professional photos done for my business I gave her a call! She was so great to work with. I typically hate being in front of the camera but Dee made me feel 100% comfortable the whole time. She has a very easy going manner and is able to tell you how to pose without sounding bossy and making the whole thing feel like a “project”. Not only was she great with me, but she was FANTASTIC with my dog Casey. They quickly became friends (especially after all the treats Dee gave her) and you can see how comfortable Casey was with her by the photos.

Check out more of Dee’s work here!