Why Did I Become A Pet Sitter?

I walked in to the kennel and the first thing I noticed was the pink nose of a richly colored Chocolate Lab. She pressed her body against hoto of Northville Pet Sitterthe chains of her kennel so she could be pet through the links. Unlike most of the other dogs who were barking and jumping around, she just sat quietly and peacefully as if to say “I’ve finally found who I was looking for.” From that moment on my dog Casey and I have been inseparable. She not only is there in happy times but also comforts me when I am sick and protects me from danger. She is my best friend, my companion and my guardian angel.

I know that I am not alone in the way I feel about Casey or any of my other animals. We all share a certain bond with our pets that is unlike any other in this world; which is why I became a pet sitter. My clients are pet parents just like me;  you worry about your fur babies like they are children and when they are not with you, you worry about how they are being taken care of and if they are happy. I strive every day to make sure my staff and I make your pets as happy and as comfortable as possible while their Mom & Dad are away. Not only do we spend time making your pets as happy as possible; we also keep you updated on how they are doing so you don’t have to ruin your time away from home worrying about them.

Owning a pet sitting business to me is more than playing with cute puppies and kittens all day (though I will admit it is fun!). It is making sure that I provide you with the peace of mind knowing that, by leaving your fur babies with Menlys Pet Care, you couldn’t have placed them in more dependable and caring hands.


How Much Does Pet Sitting Cost In Northville Mi?

Operating a successful and reliable pet sitting business costs money to ensure the longevity of the company. Though it may seem like pet sitters’ only jobs are to go from house to house playing with pets all day long, there is more to it than that.

On average, a professional pet sitting company has the following expenses:

  • Insurance
  • BondingCat Sitting
  • State Licensing Fees
  • Monthly Website Costs
  • Accounting Fees
  • Payroll Fees
  • Scheduling System Fees
  • Taxes
  • Miscellaneous Fees (picking up supplies for clients if they run out etc.)
  • Gas

In order for a pet sitting company to stay in business and provide you with professional service, their rates need to account for their expenses plus leave enough left over so it can pay it’s staff.

“But I found a pet sitter that charges only $8 per visit, won’t they do the same thing a professional company would be for less?”

The answer is “No”. Though it may seem like you’re getting a great deal by spending less at the time, in the long run you will end up wishing you went with the professional company who charges more. A pet sitter who charges $8 a visit is not making enough to cover all of the necessary expenses needed to survive and will quickly either have to raise their rates or discontinue being a pet sitter.  Also, more often than not $8 pet sitters are pet sitting as a hobby on the side of their real job which means they cannot be as dedicated to pet sitting as a professional pet sitter is.

Would you hire a baby sitter for your children strictly based on “who is the cheapest?”. No – you would want to hire someone who is reliable, trust worthy, has a great reputation and provides you and your children with outstanding care. The same goes for your pets. Pet sitting isn’t just about laying down some food and going for a walk or playtime. There is peace of mind in knowing that you can count on your pet sitter through hell or high water, your belongings are safe while they are in your home and most importantly; your pets are cared for as well, or better, than they would be if you were doing the job yourself.

Contact Menlys Pet Care today and experience the difference!


What Types of Pets Do We Care For?

Many people think that pet sitting is just for dogs and cats so when I meet with someone and tell them that I have done pet sitting for horses I always get the same reaction; I wide eyed expression followed by “really?!”. Yes, really! Menlys Pet Care does not only provide pet care for the lovely dogs and cats of the Northville area but we also provide care for a wide assortment of other animals as well!

We have had the pleasure of pet sitting for some very lovely horses in Northville. Actually, some of my favorite pet sitting experiences and stories have happened while spending some time at the barn with these big beauties!

We have also spent some time taking care of chickens in Northville! I find these pet sits exceptionally interesting! We get to collect fresh eggs, play with baby chicks and hang out with some chickens. What a cool job!

We have also done pet sitting for snakes. rabbits, birds, frogs and fish! We always keep our door open to whatever pets you may have all pets are part of the family; whether they have scales, fluff or feathers, are small, large  or somewhere in between we will happily make them a part of the Menlys Pet Care family.

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Our Best Dog Walking Tips

Taking your dog on a walk is not only a great way for your dog and you to burn some energy (both physically and mentally), but it is also a great way to build a bond with your dog. However, the enjoyment of going on a walk with your dog can quickly be ruined if your dog is unruly on a leash or you don’t know how to walk him properly. Here are some tips to get the most out of your dog walking experience!

1) Never let your dog walk in front of you. Dogs are pack animals and every pack has a leader. In order for your dog to respect you as his owner, you have to show him that you are his leader. If you’re letting him walk in front of you during a walk, you’re telling your dog that HE is the leader and that he is in charge. Be sure that your dog is always walking directly beside you or behind you at all Dog Walking Northville times.

2) Keep a steady pace. By keeping a quick and steady pace, you’re giving your dog a something to focus on. If she is busy keeping up a steady pace with you and focusing on her walk, it leaves little room for her to pay attention to things that my distract her and make her behave badly.

3) Don’t allow your dog to sniff and pee wherever she wants. Along the lines of tip #1, you need to be the pack leader for your dog. When you let your dog sniff and pee every bush, tree, pole and fire hydrant you pass, you’re telling your dog that she can do whatever she wants, when she wants. Make your dog walk close to you and stay focused for 15 minutes and then release her by saying “Okay” or “Go Potty” and give her time to check and send her pee-mail.

4) Don’t use a harness if your big dog is a puller. Why? Think about it logically. What do sled dogs use to pull a sled? A harness. What do working dogs wear to pull carts and other objects? A harness. Why do they use a harness? Because it allows the dog to use ALL of its body weight. So when you use a harness in an attempt at getting your dog to stop pulling, you’re essentially giving them more weight to use against you. There are some harnesses that are specifically designed to stop pulling but in our opinion, you’re better off with a walking aide that goes on there neck or a head halter. When using a collar or a walking aide on a dogs face or neck, you (the leader) have more control over where you want your dog to go because they have less strength in their neck. You’re at even more of an advantage if you use a head halter because where the head goes, the body follows. It uses the same idea as a horse harness and you’re able to gently guide your dog to walking appropriately. NOTE: The exception to this tip is if you have a dog that is under 25lbs. Their necks are so small that they can easily be damaged if they get pulled on. Be sure to use a harness for your little dog!

3 Ways To Be The Best Pet Sitting Client

Having a great pet sitter that you trust with your pets and your home is invaluable. A great working relationship with your pet sitter requires a little bit of work on the part of the pet sitter and the pet owner.Lover Valentine Havanese puppy

Yes, that means you!

If you want to get the absolute best out of having a pet sitter, you need to make an effort to be a great client that your pet sitter just can’t wait to take care of.

How do you do that? It’s simple! Follow the 3 simple steps below and you’ll quickly become among your pet sitter’s favorite clients!

1. Schedule In Advance – as soon as you know your work schedule or your travel plans, let your pet sitter know when you’ll be needing them! Not only does it ensure that your pet sitter will be able to take care of your pets, it also alleviates scheduling nightmares for your pet sitter while they scramble to try and fit in last minute requests.

2. Pay On Time – Yes, we absolutely love what we do! We get to take care of animals all day, who wouldn’t enjoy that?? But, we do also need to make a living. When you leave payment on time it shows that you respect your pet sitter and the hard work that they do for you and your pets.

3. Stock Up On Supplies – Nothing is more frustrating for a pet sitter than when we are taking care of a dog and they run out of food half way through our services or when we have to scrape the very bottom of the litter box for the last few grains of litter because there wasn’t any left to fill the box up appropriately. Us pet sitters can’t do our best when we don’t have the proper supplies to take care of your pets!

The great thing about pet sitting is that you, as the pet owner, have to do very little! We come to your house and pretty much take care of everything for you.

If you can stick to these 3 small suggestions, you’ll go a long way towards forging a great relationship with your pet sitter, helping to make someones job just a little easier and getting the most out of pet sitting services as a whole!

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Dog Walker

One of the most important things our dog’s need to live happy, well balanced lives is exercise. Sometimes it can be hard to give your dog a good walk everyday because we work long hours and then when we come home, the last thing we feel like doing is going for a walk. There is a solution to both give your dog the exercise she needs AND alleviate your guilt from not being able to walk her properly, hire a professional dog walker!

What Are The Benefits To Having A Dog Walker?

  • Your dog walker will come right to your home and walk your dog for you
  • A dog walker will be able to provide your dog with one on one, undivided attention
  • Your dog will get a much needed potty break in the middle of the day while you’re working hard to pay for her bones and chew toys
  • A structured walk each day not only exercises your dog’s body, but it also exercises his mind by giving him a task to focus on
  • A walk every day will reduce behavioral problems related to boredom and built up energy
  • A professional dog walker is not only there to help you exercise your dog but they can be a valued part of your team to properly care for your dog, just like the veterinarian or the groomer.
  • If your dog is older or cannot go on walks for some reason, a dog walker can still provide them with a potty break and some companionship during the day!

Our lives can be very demanding but no matter what, our dogs are always there waiting for us at the end of the day with a wagging tail and unconditional love. You can give the same love back to them by making sure all of their needs are met and getting a dog walker is a great way to do that!

Menly’s Pet Care offers daily dog walking services in the Northville area! Whether your dog needs a long walk, playtime in the back yard or just a potty break to be comfortable while you work long hours, we cover it all. To find out more about our dog walking services click here

Our Clients Say It Best

“Thank you Sarah…you clearly know the importance of pets as family members.

The above quote is what I received in an email recently after signing up another wonderful client for our pet sitting services. It is always so great to hear positive feedback and compliments like this from clients, but this one was especially meaningful to me. Whyhoto of Northville Pet Sitter?

This statement means to me that I am successfully conveying to my clients what Menlys Pet Care is really all about. We are not just a pet sitting company. We don’t just come to your home to “walk your dog” or “feed the cat”. We are there to take exceptional care of your family members. Each of your pets have individual routines, habits and needs. We don’t provide “one size fits all” pet sitting services, we provide pet sitting visits that are individually tailored to the needs of your pets and household.

How do we accomplish this?

We take the time to get to know your pets when you contact us. We want to know what their personality is like, what their eating habits are, what games they like to play and if they like to be tucked in at night. We structure our pet sitting visits not by time, but by the needs of your pets. We aren’t watching the clock to see when 30 minutes is up and then leaving; and we aren’t charging you extra fees because we had to stay extra time at a particular visit. Our visits are what your fur babies deserve: custom, full service and high quality.

Contact us to experience the Menly’s Pet Care difference!

When Should I Schedule My Pet Sitting Visits?

It sucks being told “No”, doesn’t it? Sometimes hearing “no” means all of the plans we had are now ruined. So how can you avoid being told “no” by your pet sitter? Scheduling in advance.

When you are starting up pet sitting services with a new company, it’s usually best to contact them as soon as you have your travel plans finalized. However, a week/two weeks in advance is usually sufficient to get started. Once you’re an existing client, most pet sitting companies find that 48 hours notice or more is best to ensure your pet sitting reservation.

But what happens if there’s a last minute emergency?

What if your current pet sitter cancels and you need to find a new one right away? Or there is a family emergency that you need to tend to? Many professional pet sitting companies are structured to allow for last minute additions to their schedule. Some companies may charge a last minute booking fee in order to accommodate your needs.

What is Menly’s Pet Care’s policy on scheduling pet sitting visits?

We understand that life happens and sometimes calling the pet sitter just slips through the crack in our very long “to-do list”, so we do our best to accommodate all of our client’s pet sitting requests (whether you’re a new or a veteran client) if there is room in our schedule to do so. During holidays, the farther in advance you can schedule your pet sitting services the better as these are the times of year when many of our clients are all traveling at once. Through out the rest of the year we can usually accommodate visits with as little as 24-48hrs notice.


Is Pet Sitting More Expensive Than Boarding In Northville

When searching for pet care options in the Northville area you have two major choices, either you can take your pet to a boarding facility or you can hire a professional pet sitter. How do you know what option is right for your pet? There are many different factors that can help you determine what is best for your pet’s needs but this article is going to focus solely on the price differences between pet sitting and dog boarding in Northville, Mi. Pet Sitting Northville

For our research we chose to look at two of the most popular boarding facilities in the Northville area: Paw Print Inn and Canine College. I want to start off by saying right off the bat that I have experience with both facilities and they’re both wonderful. This article is not intended to bash either facility, just to simply list the facts.

For our comparisons lets say that you are looking for boarding for your two 60lb Labrador Retrievers and you want the complete care package for them while you’re gone (because they deserve the best right!?). First we will show you the comparisons between the two facilities and then show you how it compares with Menly’s Pet Care’s pet sitting services.

Paw Print Inn

  • Room and board for two dogs in a standard 6×12 suite = $46
  • One on one cuddles = $5 for 15 minutes
  • Bedtime tuck in/story= $5 for 15 minutes
  • Obedience and fun (refresher on training followed by play) = $10 for 20 minutes
  • Brush and massage = $5 for 15 minutes
  • Photos emailed to you = $5 each
  • Stuffed Kong = $3

Total Per Day For 2 Dogs = $79 (assuming the extras are for both dogs, if charged separately for each dog the total would be $112)

Canine College

  • Room and board for two dogs = $58
  • One on one time with staff = $8
  • One on one play time with staff = $8
  • Bedtime tuck in/story= N/A
  • Obedience and fun = N/APet Sitting Northville
  • Brush and massage = N/A
  • Photos emailed to you = N/A
  • Stuffed Kong = N/A

Total Per Day for 2 Dogs = $74 (assuming the extras are for both dogs, if charged separately for each dog the total would be $90)

Menlys Pet Care

  • In-Home pet sitting services = $46-$92 depending on number of visits
  • Fee for multiple dogs = INCLUDED
  • One on one time = INCLUDED
  • Cuddles = INCLUDED
  • Bedtime tucking/story = INCLUDED
  • Obedience and fun = INCLUDED
  • Brush and massage = INCLUDED
  • Photos emailed to you = INCLUDED
  • Stuffed Kong = INCLUDED
  • Daily Walks = INCLUDED


  • Your pet stays in their own home and doesn’t have to stay in a small boarding suite
  • No need to worry about pick up/drop off times
  • No need for additional vaccinations (Bordatella to prevent kennel cough is required with dog boarding)
  • No need to pack up your dog’s food or toys, just tell us where they are and we will do the work for you!
  • Your dogs will have the same sights, smells and sounds that they are used to. Even the same potty spots!

Total Per Day for 2 Dogs = $46-$92 depending on the number of visits