WARNING: Kasel Recalls Numerous Brands of Dog Treats

We just received word that Kasel Associated Industries of Denver, CO is manufacturing several brands of dog treats that were manufactured at their Denver, Colorado facility. They are recalling the treats due to possible salmonella  contamination. Pets are at risk of being affected if they have eaten these treats and humans can be affected by handling the treats or the surfaces that are exposed to these treats.

The following brands are being affected by the recall:

  • Boots & Barkley
  • Nature’s Deli
  • Colorado Naturals
  • Petco
  • Best Bully Stick items

The recalled treats were distributed nationwide from April 20th to September 19th.

As of right now, luckily, there have been no reported illnesses from this recall but watch out for the  symptoms below in yourself and your dog to be safe

Watch for the following symptoms in your dog:

  • Lethargic
  • Diarrhea or bloody diarrhea
  • Fever
  • Vomiting
  • Decreased appetite
  • Fever
  • Abdominal pain

Humans should watch for these symptoms for themselves:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea of bloody diarrhea
  • Abdominal cramping
  • Fever

Consumers who have purchased any listed products are urged to return them to the place of purchase for a full refund. Consumers with questions may contact Kasel Associated Industries at (800) 218-4417 Monday thru Friday from 7am to 5pm MDT.


2 Year Best By Date
UPC Lot/Best By Date
085239043165 Boots&Barkley American Beef Bully Stick 12″ 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
085239403495 Boots&Barkley American Smoked Beef Femur Bone 3″ 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
085239043103 Boots&Barkley American Flossie 6-8″ 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
085239403440 Boots&Barkley American Pig Ear Strips 8oz 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
085239043202 Boots&Barkley American Chicken Stuffed Beef Femur Bone 6″ 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
085239043110 Boots&Barkley American Braided Bully Stick 5″ 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
085239043325 Boots&Barkley American Chicken Jerky 16oz 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
085239043400 Boots&Barkley American Chicken Jerky 8oz 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
490830400086 Boots&Barkley American Variety Pack 32oz 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
647263899196 Boots&Barkley American Beef Ribs 2ct 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
647263899172 Boots&Barkley American  Beef Knuckle 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
647263899158 Boots&Barkley American Pig Ears 12ct 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
647263899189 Boots&Barkley American Beef Bully Sticks 6ct 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
647263899165 Boots&Barkley American Pork Femur 20APR2014 DEN-03OCT2014 DEN
681131857246 Roasted Pig Ear Dog Treats 28oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
800443092903 25 PK Natural Pig Ears 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
800443092910 12 PK Natural Pig Ears 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
800443092927 12 PK Smoked Pig Ears 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
800443092934 7 PK Natural Pig Ears 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
800443092941 7 PK Smoked Pig Ears 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
647263800291 16oz Chicken Chips 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
647263900151 16oz Salmon Jerky 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
647263800178 4oz Chicken Jerky 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
647263510176 4oz Lamb Jerky 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
647263900175 4 oz Salmon Jerky 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
647263801175 4oz Beef Jerky 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
647263800291 16oz Chicken Jerky 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
647263700157 16oz Pork Jerky 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
091037018021 BIXBI Skin & Coat Beef Liver Jerky 5oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
091037018045 BIXBI Skin & Coat Lamb Jerky 5oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
091037018007 BIXBI Skin & Coat Chicken Breast Jerky Treats 5oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
091037018069 BIXBI Skin & Coat Pork Jerky 5oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
091037018144 BIXBI Hip And Joint Pork Jerky 5oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
091037018120 BIXBI Hip And Joint Lamb Jerky 5oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
091037018083 BIXBI Hip And Joint Chicken Breast Jerky 5oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
091037018106 BIXBI Hip And Joint Beef Liver Jerky 5oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
Bulk TDBBS, Inc Buffalo Hearts Sliced 3 lbs 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
Bulk TDBBS, Inc Knee Caps 25 Ct 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
Unknown TDBBS, Inc Pork Jerky Strips 16oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
Unknown TDBBS, Inc Chicken Jerky 16oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
Unknown TDBBS, Inc Turkey Cubes 4.5oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
Bulk TDBBS, Inc Pig Snouts 25ct 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
Bulk TDBBS, Inc Beef Lobster Tails 1ct 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
Unknown TDBBS, Inc Turkey Jerky Sticks 6ct 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
Unknown TDBBS, Inc Hearts of Lamb 4oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN
Unknown TDBBS, Inc Lamb Jerky 4oz 04202014 DEN-10032014 DEN


1 Year Best By Date
UPC Lot/Best By Date
647263800215 Nature’s Deli Chicken Jerky 3lbs 04202013 DEN-10032013 DEN
647263800208 Nature’s Deli Chicken Jerky 2.5lbs 04202013 DEN-10032013 DEN

Please make sure that your canine companions aren’t affected by this recall!


Does my cat need a pet sitter?

It is a common misconception that you can go away for days at a time and leave the cat alone. All you have to do is put down a huge bowl of water and food and make sure he has plenty of litter and he will be fine, right? Wrong. Though cats are much more self sufficient and low maintenance than dogs, they should never be left alone for days on sitting in northville mi

Why does your cat need a pet sitter?

-Cats are known to get themselves into very strange places inside the home. Unfortunately, it is possible for them to get stuck in a closet or another small space and be unable to get to food or water. If left for days, your cat can suffer serious health problems or even die.

-An animal’s health can change drastically very quickly, sometimes even within a 24 hour period. If no one is there to see your cat’s health changes, the results can be fatal.

-Cats need companionship, mental stimulation and exercise. The majority of cats out there enjoy human interaction of some sort whether it be play, petting or just the sound of their voice (though we do know that it’s all on their terms WHEN they want they interaction 🙂 ). Your cat does get lonely when she is left for days on end with no one to interact with.

Getting a cat sitter for your feline companion not only provides your cat with the care he deserves, it provides you with peace of mind while you’re away.


What Is Pet Sitting?

Most people have heard of doggie daycare or pet boarding, however there is a new type of pet care service that is catching the attention of more and more pet owners; professional pet sitting.Rather than taking your pet to a facility, pet sitting involves someone coming to your home and taking care of your pets. Your pet sitter can visit anywhere from one to four times a day and can even stay with your pet overnight. The length of the visits depends on the company and how they are structured but the average sit lasts anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes.

Why is pet sitting so attractive to pet parents?

1) Your fur baby does not have to suffer the stress of being relocated and left without their mom and dad for an extended period of time. Your babies get to stay in the comfort of their own home.

2) No need to worry about pick up/drop off times. Your pet is happily awaiting your return at home.

3) Your pet sitter will do their best to maintain your pets’ regular routine with regards to eating, exercise and playtime.

4) Your pet sitter is able to snuggle up on the couch or your baby’s favorite chair and give them plenty of one on one kisses, hugs and belly rubs.

5) Having a pet sitter means that your home is watched out for as well. A professional pet sitter will bring in the mail, water plants, take out the trash and give your home the appearance of being lived in. Having someone in the house several times a day also means that if a water pipe bursts or the heat stops working, there will be someone there to see it and take action before it costs more damage.

Pet sitting isn’t just for dogs and cats either. Pet sitter’s can take care of anything from fish and hamsters to horses and chickens. Those pet parents with babies that aren’t accommodated in boarding facilities can now travel in peace knowing that someone is there to take care of their feathered, hooved or scaly companions.

Contact Menlys Pet Care today so your fur baby can start experiencing the joys of having a professional pet sitter!


Why The Price of Pet Sitting Services Should Be Your Last Priority

It’s natural, we all do it. We decide we have a want/need for a service and start shopping around. However, most of us don’t know the right questions to ask a company to see if they are the right fit for us so we go to our go to question: “How much does it cost”.  And it’s no different when you’re looking for a pet sitter. What questions do you ask?

I’m sure you’ve read things like “The Pet Sitter Hiring Checklist” that lists certain qualifications that you should look for when hiring a pet sitting company (like insurance and experience for example). But lets be honest here, most professional pet sitting companies that have been around for longer than a year and are successful, have all the basic requirements that are necessary to be a reputable pet sitting service. So when there are 2,5 or sometimes 10+ pet sitting companies in your area, how do you decide who to hire?

It’s time to think deeper!

Having a pet sitter is more than just having someone who is available to “puppy sit” while you go away for a little while. Your pet sitter can be just as important in your pet’s life as your veterinarian, so it’s probably a good idea to ask these questions when looking for a pet sitting company:

1) Does the pet sitting company you’re looking into have a blog that frequently posts relevant information to you and your pet?

Why should this matter? If your pet sitting company has a blog it means they are concerned with keeping pet parents up to date on information that can help them learn more about pet sitting, pet care health tips and product recommendations. They want to keep their clients in the loop and it’s important to them to keep up to date on the best way to care for your pets.

2) Does the pet sitting company you’re interested, have a page on Facebook that they post to regularly?

Check to see if this pet sitting company is on Facebook and see how often/what type of content they post. This is another way for you to find out if they’re up to date on relevant information AND, another bonus, you can see how they interact with their clients. Do they reply to their posts? Are they respectful in their responses, even if they might not agree on something?  This can give you a lot of valuable information about the company.

3) How quickly does the company return your calls/emails? How are they when they interact with you?

When you make initial contact with the pet sitting company you’re thinking about hiring the absolute longest it should take them to reply back to you is 8 hours. You need to have a pet sitting company that has great costumer service because nothing is more annoying than trying to schedule pet sitting services but you can never get a hold of your pet sitter!

4) Pay attention to the little things!

I may have put this as number 4 on the list but in my opinion, this one is the most important. When you’re interacting with the pet sitting company you’re considering hiring, pay attention to how they talk about your pets. Do they understand that your pets are more than just animals? Do they remember your pet’s names if you mention them? Do they ask you about your pet’s personality, habits, and likes/dislikes? These little things show you where the heart of the company is. Of course, all pet sitting companies love animals, but the ones who take the time to find out more about you and your pet’s needs rather than sell you on their services, truly has the highest of quality care for your pets in mind.

When you find that pet sitter that understands you and your pets, has great customer service, provides your pets with outstanding care and interacts with you on a regular basis to keep you up to date on pet care information, the price of the service no longer matters. Do yourself and your pet a favor, start looking for a pet sitter that actually fits your needs and don’t fall into the “price shopping trap”.

Reviews of Menlys Pet Care

I was recently searching the internet to see if there were any reviews of Menlys Pet Care that have come up that I should be aware of. While doing my search I looked at a popular site, Yelp.

Needless to say I was a little irritated when I saw that our company had received 8 wonderful reviews from customers but ALL of them had come up as filtered.  This means that when you’re looking for honest reviews of a pet sitting company, you cannot see them unless you click on this tiny little lettering at the bottom of our Yelp profile that is barely readable and says “read 8 filtered reviews”. Since I know that conscientious pet owners want to do a little research about the pet sitting company they are going to be hiring I wanted to be sure that you were able to see reviews from other pet owners like you that have used our services. I will also show you how to read these filtered reviews for yourself right on Yelp!

(to view the larger image, double click)

Yelp Review1 Yelp Review2 Yelp Review3


Now, how do you look at these reviews live on Yelp for Menlys Pet Care or any other company? Find whatever company you want to search for reviews for in Yelp. Scroll down until you get to the area of the company’s profile where it has live reviews or, if there are no live reviews of the company, scroll down to where it says “About This Business” and you will see small grey lettering that says “read filtered reviews”. Look at the image below to give you a better idea. I hope this helps you to better accurately read reviews of local companies, whether they be for your pet sitting needs or not!

Yelp Review4

Natures Variety Recall of Instinct Raw Organic Chicken Formula

Nature’s Variety has issued a voluntary recall. Below are the complete details as sighted by the FDA:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – February 15, 2013 – Nature’s Variety has announced a voluntary recall of one batch of Instinct® Raw Organic Chicken Formula with a “Best if Used By” date of 10/04/13. This action is being taken because pieces of clear plastic may be found in some bags and could cause a potential choking risk to pets. The source of plastic has been identified and the issue has been resolved.

The affected product is strictly limited to a single batch of Organic Chicken Formula with the “Best if Used By” date of 10/04/13. This includes:

  • UPC# 7 69949 60137 1 – Instinct Raw Organic Chicken Formula medallions, 3 lbs. bag
  • UPC# 7 69949 70137 8 – Instinct Raw Organic Chicken Formula medallions, 27 lbs. case
  • UPC# 7 69949 60127 2 – Instinct Raw Organic Chicken Formula patties, 6 lbs. bag
  • UPC# 7 69949 70127 9 – Instinct Raw Organic Chicken Formula patties, 36 lbs. case

The “Best if Used By” date is located on the back of the package below the “Contact Us” section. The affected product was distributed through retail stores and internet sales in the United States and Canada. No other products were impacted.

Nature’s Variety became aware of a potential issue after receiving a consumer complaint. The source of the issue was identified and resolved. To date, there have been no reports of harm to dogs or cats.

Reed Howlett, CEO of Nature’s Variety, stated, “At Nature’s Variety we take quality and safety very seriously. We believe that under all circumstances, the health and safety of pets comes first.”

Consumers feeding the affected product should discontinue use and monitor their pet’s health, and contact their veterinarian if they have concerns. Consumers who have purchased one of the above products can obtain a full refund or exchange by either returning the product in its original packaging or bringing a proof of purchase back to their retailer.

Consumers with additional questions can call the Nature’s Variety Consumer Relations team at 1.888.519.7387 Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST. Or, questions can be emailed directly to

How We Really Feel About Being Pet Sitters

I’m sure there are some of you skeptics out there that believe pet sitting companies don’t actually care about your pet. You and your pet are just another customer, another job, another dollar. However, you couldn’t be further from the truth!photo (4)

One of the greatest joys of pet sitting is getting to take care of pets over the course of many years. We really get to know these pets and start to form very deep bonds with them. Every time we come to take care of them, it’s like visiting with an old friend.

However, there is a flip side to that. At some point or another, the time comes that we have to stop taking care of that pet. Whether it be because of their passing, moving or changes in finances at some point or another we have to say goodbye to our old friends.

I recently had to say goodbye to one of my dog walking clients, Chola. I had been walking with her Monday through Friday for almost a year but now her and her Daddy are moving to a new house.

Everyday I could expect the same thing. I would call her name when I walked in and she would just wait in the bedroom with her tail wagging essentially saying “I’m happy to see you! But can we just do bellyrubs instead of a walk?”

After some convincing we would go for our walk and there wasn’t a time that she didn’t enjoy it as soon as we got outside.

These are the types of bonds and friendships that make pet sitting such a great profession but also, very difficult. We aren’t in the pet sitting industry because we want to get rich, we are in the pet sitting business because we truly, 100% do love our clients and what we do.

And in a very cool way, we are the luckiest pet lovers out there because we get to have deep bonds with more animals than we ever could have had if we weren’t pet sitters.

Even though it is difficult to say goodbye to our clients, it always makes it a little bit easier when the clients appreciate us as much as we appreciate them. photo (3)

Chola isn’t the first pet that we’ve had to say goodbye to and she won’t be the last. But each pet family brings with them their own unique memories and experiences and we treasure each and every one of them.

Menlys Pet Care Now Accepts Credit Cards For Pet Sitting

The more efficient we make Menlys Pet Care when it comes to things like billing and scheduling, the more time we have to dedicate to throwing the ball with your dog and snuggling with your cat during the day! In our continuing efforts to make our pet sitting services easier and more efficient for you, we now accept credit card payments.

If you would like to make credit card your preferred method of payment, all you have to do is:reliable pet sitting services

  • Call Sarah with your credit card information
  • Your credit card information will be kept secure and confidential in your client profile
  • Whenever you book pet sitting services we will automatically charge your card for the applicable amount the Monday before service starts
  • You check “Pay the Pet Sitter” off of your to-do list

No more worrying about leaving payment on the counter or sending it in the mail, we take care of everything for you so you can worry about the more important things in life.

Contact Menlys Pet Care today to see all the ways we make pet sitting easy for you and fun for your pet!

Does your pet sitter have an emergency plan?

When you’re an active person who enjoys being out walking dogs and doing pet sitting visits for cats, nothing is worse than hearing the doctor tell you that you need to go on complete bed rest. This is my reality this week as I am suffering from severe back pain that just won’t quit!Pet Sitter Emergency Plan

This situation got me thinking, what would happen if I was the only one who could do pet sitting visits? What would all of my furry clients, that depend on me, do? Working as a pet sitter does not provide you with the luxury of calling in sick and taking time off. You have live animals depending on you for their food, water, potty relief and companionship. You also have their owners trusting you to take care of a precious member of their family.

Luckily, Menlys Pet Care is compiled of three great pet sitters. We not only love what we do, we are there for each other when we need it. If any one of us are in an emergency or are physically unable to get to the pets in our care, than the other two are able to pick up the slack, fill in and still be able to provide the same quality care that each of our clients expect from us.When your pet is in our care you don’t have to worry about someone showing up to care for your precious fur baby if the unexpected happens.

This is just one more way that we provide our clients with reliable pet care and peace of mind.

Is Your Dog Right For Doggy Day Care?

For some dogs, doggy daycare is a great place to burn off some extra energy and make new friends. For other dogs, doggy daycare is a nightmare. How can you know if your dog will enjoy daycare or not? 1309327_27739819

Answer the following 5 questions to find out if your dog would enjoy doggy daycare:

1) Is my dog friendly with strangers? – Even though doggy daycare is a place for your pup to interact with other dogs, they also need to interact with staff members. If your dog is nervous or timid around strange people, not only are they going to be miserable, the staff is going to be miserable trying to bring your dog in and out of the play areas.

2) Is my dog easily overstimulated? – It is possible for there to be TOO much excitement for your dog. There are new scents, new people, new dogs, new toys, loud noises, new places to potty, new routines and an entirely new environment. This can be extremely overwhelming for your dog.

3) Is my dog dominate or aggressive with other dogs? – This one is a bit obvious but just in case you hadn’t thought of it. If your dog is dominant or aggressive with other dogs, he is not going to be a good candidate for spending hours and hours cage-free with them.

4) Is my dog old or ill? – The impact of playing with other dogs and constantly moving can be very stressful on a dog’s joints. When they’re old, it’s not a very good idea to put them in an environment where there body is going to be constantly exposed to being bumped into, jumped on, bitten, pulled and wrestled with for hours on end. And if your dog is ill, not only is it not fair to him to put him into daycare, it’s not fair to the other dogs attending the facility. 

5) Is my dog frightened of new places and loud noises? – There is constant noise at a boarding facility. Dogs are almost non-stop barking and playing. Staff are yelling over the barking so they can communicate with each other. There are people coming in and out of the building at all times and it’s a completely different environment than they are used to. If your dog does not enjoy new experiences, especially without you by his side. Say no to daycare.

Just like all things in life, doggy daycare isn’t for everyone. Be sure you take the time to really understand your options before you take your dog into a situation that is going to be more harmful to them than it will be good.