Do Pet Sitters Work On Holidays?

Everyone loves the holidays! Even if you don’t enjoy the holiday itself I am sure that, at Kitten With Bowthe very least, you enjoy getting to have the day off. You get to sleep in, watch a parade or two, eat some delicious food and enjoy time with family or watching football.

The picture is a bit different for us pet sitters. Holidays for us are our busiest time of year! We have a lot of clients that travel to see family and friends which means that someone needs to celebrate the holiday with the fur babies of the family!

While everyone is sleeping in, our pet sitters are out at 5 or 6am getting ready to start their first round of visits for the day. Our morning is filled with dog walks and visits with kitties.

After the first round of morning sits are completed, we get to spend some time with our families and then head back out for round two of visits in the afternoon which usually last from 2pm-4pm.

We head home, enjoy some delicious turkey with the fixings, relax for a bit and then we are right back out to end our day with evening visits with our 4-legged companions. Our day usually comes to an end around 9-10pm.

It may come as a surprise to you however to know that we actually don’t mind doing this! Sure it would be nice to have the day off, but we just look at our holidays a bit different. We still get to enjoy time with our families while taking care of our client’s pets that we’ve come to love so much which in a way, makes our holidays complete.

Why Does My Pet Sitter Need A Key?

All too often during meet and greets we get asked by our clients if we can use a garage Pet Sitting Key Policy door opener or garage code as our single mode of entry into the house while we take care of their pets.

While most of us do prefer the easy access of our garages now a days – Menlys Pet Care does require that you provide us with at least one copy of your house key for us to keep on file. We can use the garage as our main form of entry if you prefer, but we do need to have a key as back up.

Why the reason for this policy?

Bottom line – technology doesn’t always work. What if there were a power outage? What if for some reason your garage door just stopped working and needed to be repaired?

There have many times that we have arrived at a clients house to take care of their pets, gone to open the garage door and it would not open.

If we would not have had our back up keys to the clients’ home we would have had to do the following:

  • Call an emergency contact that has a key – which would mean hoping that they were around, waiting from them to drive to the home to let us in and inconveniencing them while making the pet wait to be taken care of
  • Call a locksmith – which again means waiting for them to arrive, delaying the pets’ care and an extra, unexpected invoice for you to arrive home to

These situations are easily avoided by requiring at least one copy of each of our client’s keys. Not only does it keep our entire business running smoothly, it’s just another way that we provide peace of mind to the pet owners that intrust us with the care of their babies.

Why Do We Have You Schedule Pet Sitting Online?

We do not take the fact that you trust us with your pets lightly. We understand that every time you leave your babies in our care, you are trusting us totally and completely to care for them and treat them like you would.

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 7.14.28 PM

So in order for us to ensure that we can provide you with reliable care and consist

ency, we have developed very specific policies and systems to ensure that you get the same experience with Menlys Pet Care each time.

By having an online scheduling system we accomplish 3 things:

1) It ensures that a visit is never accidentally missed. Every time you submit a scheduling request into our system, not only will your pet’s visit automatically be added to your sitters schedule but you will also receive a scheduling confirmation ensuring that the visit days and times are correct and that we have put your pet in our books.

2) We always have your pet’s care instructions up to date and in one, easily accessible place. Our pet’s needs change frequently and sometimes your pet starts eating a different food, has a different feeding schedule, is on new medication or has other new, specific requirements. Having an online profile, allows you to log in and update that information right away. No more calling your sitter every time something changes and hope they remember to write it down somewhere.

3) You can schedule any time, day or night. No more phone calls and emails requesting visits and waiting for a response. You can schedule your visits right away, whenever you want and as far in advance as you’d like.

The less time we spend writing out schedules and keeping track of client’s requests using archaic methods, the more time we are able to focus on the thing that matters the most; taking care of you pets

5 Ways Thirty Minutes Will Benefit Your Dog

Your Question: Why should I pay a pet sitter to come and spend 30 minutes with my dog when they can go to daycare and play all day with other dogs?

It is tempting to think that you’re getting more value for your dollar by taking your dog to doggy day care or boarding when you travel or work.

However, there are many different factors to consider before making a decision on your pet’s care solely based on price.

Here are 5 ways that 30 minutes with a dog walker will be more beneficial to your dog than a full day at daycare:

  1.  Structured walks and play actually tire your dog out more than running around like a lunatic all day. Why? Giving your dog a focused task (focusing on walking, using commands while playing etc) forces your dog not only to work their body but also work their brain; and the more your dog uses their brain, the more tired they are at the end of the day.
  2.  Your dog walker will stick to the same training and routines that you use. At daycare, it’s just not possible for the daycare workers to make sure that all of the dogs are minding their P’s and Q’s and dogs that are continually taken to doggy daycare or boarding can develop some bad manners.
  3. Your dog walker will take your dog to his regular potty spot to reinforce potty training. At a daycare, your pup will be able to pee and poo wherever he would like. Unfortunately, dogs don’t understand that what is okay in one place is not okay in another so they can easily get confused when they come back home and start having accidents in the home.
  4. A dog walker is able to provide your dog with one on one attention and care. At a daycare there is often one or two workers assigned to 10-20 dogs at a time. With so many dogs to look after, there main focus is making sure there are no fights and that the play area remains cleaned and sanitized. They are unable to give each dog one on one attention.
  5. When your dog is at daycare they are at risk of injury and illness from being exposed to other dogs. When you hire a dog walker, your dog is safe and secure in his own home and environment. Cutting down on vet bills and adding peace of mind.





The Perfect Alternative To A Dog Kennel In Northville Mi

Until recently most pet owners thought their only option when they traveled was to take their dog to a kennel or boarding facility. Well luckily, for pet owners in Northville, there is an even better option of pet care available! Hire a professional pet sitter!

How Is Pet Sitting Different From a Dog Kennel?

The major difference between pet sitting and a dog kennel is that one is in your home and the other requires you to take your pet to a boarding facility to be cared for. With pet sitting, you have a professional pet sitter come to your home anywhere from 1-4 times a day or even spend the night with your pet depending on what services you chose!

What Are The Benefits of Pet Sitting VS a Dog Kennel?dog sitting in northville mi

  • With in-home pet sitting your dog or cat get to stay in the comfort of their own home
  • Your pet will be used to the same sounds and smells of their home and won’t be subjected to baking dogs, new sights and new smells
  • Your pet will get complete, one on one attention with a pet sitter
  • With pet sitting, daily walks and exercise are included in the price
  • Your pet will have access to their favorite napping spots, toys and potty areas
  • If you chose overnight pet sitting services, your pet will have someone sleeping with them by their side all through the night so they don’t have to sleep alone
  • Your pet sitter is able to update you on how your pet is doing each day via text or email which is something most dog kennels are unable to provide to each customer
  • Unlike a dog kennel, because your pet is staying in their home, you don’t need to worry about pick up or drop off times with pet sitting
  • When hiring a professional pet sitter you also get the added benefit of having someone look in on your home as well and can take out your trash and bring in the mail
  • When taking your dog to a kennel, you need to bring their toys and food for each day, plus any medications they may need. With pet sitting, you just tell us where it is and we will do the rest! No need to pre-portion or pack anything up for us.

Does Pet Sitting Cost More Than a Dog Kennel?

In most cases pet sitting costs the same or even less than a dog kennel! Yes, the initial base right for boarding your dog in the Northville area is less expensive than boarding. However, the base rate for boarding at most places is ONLY for a place to sleep. Here are list of extras that most dog kennels charge extra for that are included in the cost of pet sitting:

  • Extra fee for more than one pet
  • Extra fee for one on one affection
  • Extra fee for one on one play
  • Extra fee for walks
  • Extra fee for frozen kong toys to keep them busy during the day
  • Extra fee for photos/email updates

Lastly, because your dog will be exposed to other pets in the dog kennel they will need to be up to date on all of their shots. Since pet sitting is done in your home where they’re not exposed to any additional bacteria, there is no need to invest in additional vaccines (such as the Bordatella vaccine required to prevent kennel cough at boarding facilities).

Ready to give your pet the best care available while you’re away? Contact us today! We provide pet sitting in Northville, Novi and Surrounding Areas




Does Menlys Pet Care Have A Policy For Bad Weather?

If you are lucky enough to live (or have lived) in Michigan for any length of time, you know just how unpredictable the weaMenly's Pet Care Pet Sitting Servicesther can be. For example, last week for days in a row the temperature was either below zero or in the single digits; today it was 50 degrees!

Needless to say there are times when Michigan does not always provide the optimal conditions for walking a dog! Below you will find our policies for both pet sitting and dog walking services:

  • If the weather reaches single digits or below, we take dogs outside for a potty break or a short walk and then return home to play inside for the duration of our visits.
  • If there are excessive amounts of ice on the side walks, for the pet sitter’s safety and the dog’s safety, we take them out to potty and then return inside for play.
  • When the roads are too unsafe to drive on (sheets of ice, blizzard, extreme down pours at night etc) our pet sitter’s will wait until the roads are safe to drive and then will be sure all of our pet’s are taken care of.
  • When it rains we base our walks on the dog (depending on how bad the rain is). If your dog doesn’t mind light to moderate rain than we don’t mind it either and will continue with our walk as normal. If your dog doesn’t like the rain, the rain is severe or there is thunder/lightening near by we will take your dog out for a walk and then enjoy some playtime indoors for the rest of our visit.

When you’re leaving your precious fur babies with us, we will be there for them rain, sleet or snow!

5 Things You Need To Know About Your Northville Pet Sitter

When you call a pet sitting company to find out more about them I’m sure you ask the standard questions like: “How much experience do you have?” “Are you insured?” and “How much does it cost?”. These are all great questions to ask your potential pet sitting companies but what about the questions that you don’t feel comfortable coming right out and saying? We have the answers to those questions too!

1) Yes, we do this full time.

Yes! Pet sitting and dog walking are not just hobbies for us at Menlys Pet Care. Every single pet sitter on the staff (including the owner) does pet sitting full time (365 days a year, holidays and all) and dedicates their day to day lives to ensure that every pet in their care is well cared for, happy and that their owners are just as happy!

2) Yes, we really make a living dog walking and pet sitting.

Pet parents around the world look at their fur babies as more than just pets. They are members of their families that deserve the best care. Pet parents in the Northville area are no different which means we are able to take care of pets across the area everyday and make a living doing it. How wonderful is that? We get to make a living while taking exceptional care of dogs, cats, fish, birds, horses and more! How lucky are we??

3) We have more than just one client.

With almost 100 clients and growing, our schedules are full day to day with dogs that need to be walked, cats that need to be fed and played with and horse stalls that need to be mucked. Often times, clients can forget that pet sitting isn’t a hobby for us and our day to day schedules are jam packed with pet sits that need to get done through out the day.

4) We have policies and procedures that we follow.

We don’t take pet sitting lightly. Yes, it is great that we get to play with pets during the day and snuggle with them at night but pet sitting is a much larger responsibility than that. Our clients intrust us with the care of their pets, their belongings and their home and while they are away each on of those things are OUR responsibility. So when we go to a client’s home we don’t just fly by the seat of our pants. We have check lists and procedures that we follow to ensure that everything is done correctly while we are taking care of everything. We even have policies on how clients schedule pet sitting services to ensure that visits do not get accidentally forgotten or mixed up. Everything we do is geared toward making our services the best experience possible for our human and animal clients.

5) Online scheduling work does work.

There is a reason that we use an online scheduling system beyond looking flashy to potential clients. Our scheduling system ensures that visits are not missed or scheduled incorrectly, client instructions are always up to day so we know how to properly care for your pets each time we come to your house and it provides our sitters access to the most important home/pet instructions right from your home without needing to carry around instruction sheets in our cars.


Contact us today to find out even more about our services and to get your pet a reliable and trustworthy pet sitter

My New Foster Dog – Buddy

I logged in to Facebook last Monday (the 14th) and saw these pictures:

Pet Sitter's Foster Dog Pet Sitter's Foster Dog

He was at a shelter that I have pulled dogs from before and my friend, Julie, at the shelter said he was scared there. Sometimes God just put things on your heart and you begin to jump into action without even thinking about it.  I contacted the rescue that I work with now, Last Chance Rescue, and asked them if they would take him if I offered to foster him.

A day later I was on my way to Lincoln Park to pick up Buddy.

He was shy when I first saw him but as soon as I got him into the car we became best friends. He spent the entire 35 minute ride to my house trying desperately to sit in my lap and cuddle with me.

When we arrived at my house it took him very little time to adjust. He has made himself at home as the officialBuddy4 Snuggle Bug of the house. If there is someone sitting down anywhere in the house, he is right there sitting in their laps.

He is absolutely in love with my cat, Mittens. If she is out and about, he is right there next to her following her around and doing his best to get even a moment of play out of her (yes, my cat plays with the dogs). The other day I actually caught him mimicking Mittens’s actions. She was laying on her back and wiggling around and sure enough, Buddy laid down right next to her and started to doing the exact same thing!

Buddy will play with the other dogs as well. He and my Chihuahua, Lulu, have become boyfriend and girlfriend. They’re always playing together in that goofy way that Chi’s play. He isn’t a big fan of my Golden Retriever, Copper, but I think it’s just because Copper is the only other male in the house.

There is such great satisfaction in knowing that I am giving this boy a second chance at life. One day soon he will be snuggling in the arms of his forever owner while always having a place in my heart.


Is In-Home Pet Sitting Right For My Dog?

While there are many benefits to leaving your dog at home while you travel for business or pleasure, there are some dogs who would not make good candidates for in-home pet sitting. In order to help you decide if your dog would benefit from pet sitting, we have come up with some things that you should think about before picking up the phone and calling a pet sitter.

  • Some dogs are destructive when left home alone. We have all had a dog like this at one point or another, I’m sure of it. You think “Oh, Buddy will be fine if we just leave him for an hour out of his crate while we’re gone” and then you come home to what can only be described as a scene out of The Day After Tomorrow. Some dogs are more prone to boredom or the need to chew and simply cannot be left unattended in the home for ours. Is pet sitting right for my dog?
  • Your dog is not crate trained. A simple remedy for the problem above, is to give your dog his own crate; somewhere he can be kept safe during the day and relax. However, if you have never introduced your dog to having a crate, getting a pet sitter before he is used to it is not a good idea. Crate training your dog requires time and commitment from you and shouldn’t be done when he is expected to all of a sudden stay in his new “den” for several hours at a time.
  • Your dog is territorial of his home. For the safety of the potential pet sitter and the well being of your dog, if your dog is aggressive with strangers coming into his home when you’re not there; pet sitting is not right for your dog. There are some ways around this one; for example, you can get your dog used to his new pet sitter by having them come over a few times a week prior to your vacation, gradually working up to coming in without you home. However, if you have tried this method and your dog is still not comfortable with the pet sitter coming in when you’re not there, don’t force it. The results can be very dangerous for everyone involved.

Though I would love to say that pet sitting is a great option for every dog out there, it simply just isn’t true. It is better to make a decision that is best for your dog, his safety and his long term happiness. Not to mention avoid any unnecessary stress on you!

What Is Overnight Pet Sitting?

You have a couple options when it comes to what type of pet sitting services you’d like to have for your pets. There are the standard visits that you can have through out the day which typically last anywhere from 25-45 minutes in length. And then there are overnight visits which is what I am going to highlight for you today.

What is Overnight Pet Sitting?

Overnight pet sitting services are when your pet sitter comes to your home and spends the night with your pets!

How long do Overnights last?

Menly’s Pet Care’s overnight pet sitting services last from 9pm to 7am.

What does my pet sitter do during an Overnight visit?

During an overnight pet sitting visit we will give your pet exercise both in the morning and in the evenings, provide them with dinner and breakfast, administer any medications needed and provide them with plenty of one on one attention. This includes snuggling on the couch and watching movies together, belly rubs and having sleepovers in the living room under the blankies!

Do you still take care of the mail, garbage and house plants during Overnights?

Absolutely. Our overnight visits are full service and include everything you would expect during a regular pet sitting visit!

Will I need regular pet sitting visits during the day?

If you are reserving overnight services for your cat, they should not need an additional visit during the day. However, we do recommend that dogs have at least one regular visit during the day so they can go potty and break up the long day.

How do I reserve Overnight services with Menlys Pet Care?

If you are a current client you can log in to your profile and schedule your visits here: Schedule Now

If you are a new client and need to register, please follow this link: Register Now.  Once we receive your completed registration your pet sitter will contact you to set up a consultation!

We offer pet sitting in Northville, Novi, Farmington, Livonia, South Lyon, Plymouth and Walled Lake