Big Blessings Come In Small Doggy Packages

The night my Grandma passed away was the night she was told her long haired Chihuahua, Saidey, had a home and that she was taken care of.  After a long struggle to stay alive, she could finally let go and rest in peace knowing that her loyal companion was being well taken care of.

When she knew that she was getting close to the end of her life, my Grandma continually made me promise that Saidey would be taken care of and not just taken to the pound. I am so happy that I am able to honor her wishes.

This little 8lb, long haired Chihuahua came into my life with a personality that doesn’t quit and loyalty to match it. Sometimes I swear that my Grandma passed away and a little piece of her went into Saidey to watch over me. Though at times she really tries my patience with her stubbornness and desperate need to be my alarm system; she more than makes up for it with her goofy personality, playfulness and the many naps shared together cuddled up in warm blankets.

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is never something that is easy to face, but knowing that I was able to bring my Grandmother peace before she died comforts me on those days when I wish she were here.

Pet Sitting in Northville

Rest in peace Grandma Bev, Saidey is taking good care of me down here 😉