Tips For Dog Boarding In Northville

In-home pet sitting isn’t always right for every dog. Sometimes, it would be in their best interest to go to a dog boarding facility while dog boarding northville you are away from home. If you find that this is the best option for your dog, here are 5 tips for getting your dog ready for their stay.

1. Prior to taking your vacation, have your dog spend a day or a half day of doggy day care at the boarding facility you plan on keeping them at. This way, they will get to experience the new environment and you will be back after a very short period of time so they realize that mommy and daddy do come back for them when they are at this new place.

2. Find out the boarding facilities hours before you travel. Are they open on Sunday night or will you have to wait until Monday morning to pick up your dog?

3. Bring your dog’s bed (even if they charge extra for you to bring their own toys and beds). Not only will your dog have something comfortable to sleep on, it will be their own bed which will give them familiarity while they are in a strange place.

4. Write your dogs name on everything! Leashes, toys, collars, bowls, everything! You don’t want to risk your dog’s belongings getting lost or mixed up with another dog’s.

5. For safe travels to and from the dog boarding facility, be sure to get your dog a harness or doggy seat-belt! It’s tempting to let your dog lounge around in the back seat and hang her head out of the window but it is dangerous for you dog. Be on the safe side and get the proper equipment for riding in the car!

These are just a few of the things that you should add to your checklist when taking your dog to a boarding facility. To be sure you are 100% prepared with everything your dog needs during his stay, be sure to call the kennel you plan on using and go over everything you’ll need with them!




3 Great Places to Walk Your Dog in Northville

Now that it’s June and the weather has finally gotten warmer, it’s time to get out and get active with your dog! We’ve been cooped up inside long enough during this last Michigan winter, go out and enjoy they fresh air!

A walk around your neighborhood with your dog is great exercise for you both, but how about a change of scenery?  We have got a list of 3 great places in Northville for you and your dog to enjoy the area and get some great exercise.

#1 Maybury State Park


I think many of us forget this, but we do have a giant state park right down the street from us here in Northville! Where could be a better place to walk your dog than in miles of beautiful trails? Maybury State Park not only has paved paths for you and your dog to explore, but for you more adventures folks, you can also venture off the beaten path on the hiking tails. Maybury also offers several different open fields and parks if you just want to go and throw a Frisbee or tennis ball with your dog. Pack up a lunch, lots of water for you and your dog and go head out into nature for a day! It’s a great stress reliever for you and a great way to bond with your dog.

#2 Downtown Northville 

If you don’t enjoy going out to the park or being in nature really isn’t your thing. Pack up your dog and take a stroll through Downtown Northville. The streets of Downtown are lined with great stores to do some window shopping and there are several places that you can sit outside and eat like Great Harvest Bread Co , Rebecca’s Restaurant or Pooles Tavern with your dog right by your side. Many of the stores in Downtown Northville are very dog friendly and keep bowls of water outside their store’s door so your dog can stop and take a drink of water while you walk. And of course whenever you’re Downtown it is a great time to stop in to Celebrity Pets Co to spoil your dog with some bakery style treats, some new toys or one of their countless designer-style colors and leashes. 

#3 Mill Race Village


Even if you don’t enjoy history Mill Race Village is definitely something you and your dog should go an explore. This small village are actual homes and stores that were around when Northville was first developed. As soon as you step into Mill Race Village you’re taken back to the 1800’s. The homes and the old stores are so beautiful and they are set right along side of the river that runs through Ford Field. This little village is a common place for weddings because of it’s rich history and beautiful scenery. Mill Race Village may not be large but it still makes for a great place to walk your dog and enjoy rich history and views.