Why Chose Menlys Pet Care?


Considering Hiring Us? See What Sets Menlys Pet Care Apart

To most people pet sitting is just coming in to give your pet food and water and make sure they go to the bathroom right? But there is so much more…

We pet sit 7 days a week, 365 days a year (even holidays)

Why Chose Menlys Pet Care?

We are diligent to be sure doors and garages are secured and alarm systems are set before we leave

We clean up pet messes. Whether it’s hair balls, potty accidents or mischievous chewing, we keep your home clean. Including sweeping up litter 

Why Chose Menlys Pet Care?

We have policies and procedures in place to keep clients and pets safe  and we follow client instructions to the T.

We have experience with a wide variety of animals and temperaments so we can take care of your unique pet the way they need 

We use state of the art scheduling systems to make sure we never miss a visit for your pet

We use a unique key coding system so that your keys are never in danger of ending up in the wrong hands 

Pet Sitting Key Policy

We provide walks and play time in the yard and mental stimulation to prevent boredom 

We communicate via text/email while you’re away so you don’t worry 

When you hire us, we give you our all. Click here to see what we mean

Why Chose Menlys Pet Care?