A Day Of Cat Sitting In Northville Mi

For the next week I have the privilege of taking care of mostly kitties! I love dogs, don’t get me wrong, but there is something very enjoyable about spending my entire day with my feline friends as well. I wanted to share with you what my day was like today while taking care of some of our kitty clients!

My first visit of the day was with Sparky. He’s such an affectionate kitty! He spent the entire pet sitting visit purring and following me around 🙂

cat sitting in northville cat sitting in northville









Next was a visit with two cats that I have been taking care of for a very long time now, Oscar and Meyer:


cat sitting in northville cat sitting in northville








And then last but not least I enjoyed an afternoon visit with Finny and Jasmine 🙂

Cat Sitting In Northville Cat Sitting Northville Cat Sitting NorthvilleCat Sitting in Northville

















Who wouldn’t enjoy a day of spending time with these adorable faces??