The Perfect Alternative To A Dog Kennel In Northville Mi

Until recently most pet owners thought their only option when they traveled was to take their dog to a kennel or boarding facility. Well luckily, for pet owners in Northville, there is an even better option of pet care available! Hire a professional pet sitter!

How Is Pet Sitting Different From a Dog Kennel?

The major difference between pet sitting and a dog kennel is that one is in your home and the other requires you to take your pet to a boarding facility to be cared for. With pet sitting, you have a professional pet sitter come to your home anywhere from 1-4 times a day or even spend the night with your pet depending on what services you chose!

What Are The Benefits of Pet Sitting VS a Dog Kennel?dog sitting in northville mi

  • With in-home pet sitting your dog or cat get to stay in the comfort of their own home
  • Your pet will be used to the same sounds and smells of their home and won’t be subjected to baking dogs, new sights and new smells
  • Your pet will get complete, one on one attention with a pet sitter
  • With pet sitting, daily walks and exercise are included in the price
  • Your pet will have access to their favorite napping spots, toys and potty areas
  • If you chose overnight pet sitting services, your pet will have someone sleeping with them by their side all through the night so they don’t have to sleep alone
  • Your pet sitter is able to update you on how your pet is doing each day via text or email which is something most dog kennels are unable to provide to each customer
  • Unlike a dog kennel, because your pet is staying in their home, you don’t need to worry about pick up or drop off times with pet sitting
  • When hiring a professional pet sitter you also get the added benefit of having someone look in on your home as well and can take out your trash and bring in the mail
  • When taking your dog to a kennel, you need to bring their toys and food for each day, plus any medications they may need. With pet sitting, you just tell us where it is and we will do the rest! No need to pre-portion or pack anything up for us.

Does Pet Sitting Cost More Than a Dog Kennel?

In most cases pet sitting costs the same or even less than a dog kennel! Yes, the initial base right for boarding your dog in the Northville area is less expensive than boarding. However, the base rate for boarding at most places is ONLY for a place to sleep. Here are list of extras that most dog kennels charge extra for that are included in the cost of pet sitting:

  • Extra fee for more than one pet
  • Extra fee for one on one affection
  • Extra fee for one on one play
  • Extra fee for walks
  • Extra fee for frozen kong toys to keep them busy during the day
  • Extra fee for photos/email updates

Lastly, because your dog will be exposed to other pets in the dog kennel they will need to be up to date on all of their shots. Since pet sitting is done in your home where they’re not exposed to any additional bacteria, there is no need to invest in additional vaccines (such as the Bordatella vaccine required to prevent kennel cough at boarding facilities).

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  1. I think there are benefits to both sitting and kennels. I think when you leave your dog with a kennel you need to do your research. They should only accept dogs that are properly vaccinated.