How Much Does Pet Sitting Cost In Northville Mi?

Operating a successful and reliable pet sitting business costs money to ensure the longevity of the company. Though it may seem like pet sitters’ only jobs are to go from house to house playing with pets all day long, there is more to it than that.

On average, a professional pet sitting company has the following expenses:

  • Insurance
  • BondingCat Sitting
  • State Licensing Fees
  • Monthly Website Costs
  • Accounting Fees
  • Payroll Fees
  • Scheduling System Fees
  • Taxes
  • Miscellaneous Fees (picking up supplies for clients if they run out etc.)
  • Gas

In order for a pet sitting company to stay in business and provide you with professional service, their rates need to account for their expenses plus leave enough left over so it can pay it’s staff.

“But I found a pet sitter that charges only $8 per visit, won’t they do the same thing a professional company would be for less?”

The answer is “No”. Though it may seem like you’re getting a great deal by spending less at the time, in the long run you will end up wishing you went with the professional company who charges more. A pet sitter who charges $8 a visit is not making enough to cover all of the necessary expenses needed to survive and will quickly either have to raise their rates or discontinue being a pet sitter.  Also, more often than not $8 pet sitters are pet sitting as a hobby on the side of their real job which means they cannot be as dedicated to pet sitting as a professional pet sitter is.

Would you hire a baby sitter for your children strictly based on “who is the cheapest?”. No – you would want to hire someone who is reliable, trust worthy, has a great reputation and provides you and your children with outstanding care. The same goes for your pets. Pet sitting isn’t just about laying down some food and going for a walk or playtime. There is peace of mind in knowing that you can count on your pet sitter through hell or high water, your belongings are safe while they are in your home and most importantly; your pets are cared for as well, or better, than they would be if you were doing the job yourself.

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  1. Alyssa McGlynn says:

    Your comment, “But I found a pet sitter that charges only $8 per visit, won’t they do the same thing a professional company would be for less? No.” is true about the price. I am starting from home with my pet care service and I charge $8 a visit at the least. Professional business I do not have established yet but my service operates on professionalism. Just saying, you might want to consider rewording your statement.
    Also, I’m in a different location as your business so no threat to you. Would management or the person(s) be will to give me tips on the business aspect of the industry? Thanks for your time.

    • Menlys Pet Care says:

      Hi Alyssa,

      Thanks for your thoughts and I’m sorry for my delay to your response!

      That’s great that you’re starting to get involved in the pet sitting industry but getting a client for $8 is going to be a lot different than if you get a client at $25.

      From a strictly business angle you won’t be able to stay in business long term at those rates.

      From the clients side: I know my clients know loving that they could call on me for the past 3 years and counting. It is because I am able to make enough money to make this a full time job, pay my taxes, and my personal bills.

      For argumentative sake: if you charge $8, let’s say 30% goes to expenses, and 30% goes to your personal bills. So if a 30 min pet sit is $8 and you can do two in a hour (if there is no drive time) you would be making less than half the minimum wage (state the min wage) an hour.

      There is no way anyone would still be in business one year from now.

      If you want more info go to: or check out the pricing guide; These are great resources to help get you pointed in the right direction and make the best decisions for your business’s longevity.

      One final though to think about: The national average for 30 min seems to be $20. One of the ways businesses charge are based on what things are worth of their services. So, your “professional” services are less than average? That would be what your prices are saying about them.