How It Works

Setting up service with Menlys Pet Care is a quick and easy process. From the moment you contact us we will guide you through the process and leave you with the relief of knowing you know have a professional and reliable pet sitter to care for your precious baby.

Initial Contact

Start by either calling us at 248-982-2335 or filling out the contact form that you see to the right of any page. We will start by learning more about your pet. We will ask you questions about their eating habits, potty habits, their typical daily routine, favorite toys and games and much more. After learning more about your pet and their specific needs, together we will come up with the perfect pet sitting service for them.

Meet and Greet

Once we’ve customized your pet care services, it’s time to set up an initial client consultation. These visits are done Monday through Friday anytime after 4pm. This is your opportunity to meet your sitter and get to know them and also gives your pet time to get comfortable with their new friend before they come into your home without you there. During this consultation, we will ask you to walk us through your home and show us where we can find your pet’s food, liter boxes, water dishes, toys, favorite hiding spots, favorite napping spots, cleaning supplies, leashes and more. We will also ask you to walk us through meal times, medications and walking routines. Once we have gone over everything and we are confident we know everything required to take exceptional care of your pet, we will collect the completed New Client Packet (emailed to you prior to the meet and greet), a copy of your key and payment for services.

We take care of the rest

Now it’s time for us to shine! Your work is done and all that’s left is for you to enjoy the peace of mind Menlys Pet Care provides. We will provide you with access to our exclusive client blog which we update daily while you’re away with a summary of the day we had with your pet along with pictures and occasional videos of them enjoying their visits. If you’re using us for dog walking services, we will send you a text message after each visit with how your dog did and the occasional photo or video. This way you know your dog was taken care of and you can go through your day without worrying about your pooch!


A Day In The Life – Expecting The Unexpected

“I remember pulling up to my client’s house where I was caring for their 5 horses and 4 dogs. All had been well thus far and I was looking forward to seeing all of the pets. As I pulled in the driveway I immediately noticed that something was off. As I pulled up closer, I saw (to my horror) that the largest of the horses had broken the lock on his pasture door and was standing in the middle of the driveway staring right at me! I was terrified but I knew that if I showed him my fear, he would have some fun with me and take off. So I immediately stopped the car, got out and walked right up to him without hesitation; the whole time telling myself to act confident! I was able to walk right up to him without him moving a muscle, grab his halter and guide him back into his pasture. I was so proud of myself and relieved that nothing bad happened. Sometimes, you just never know what you’re walking in to when you’re pet sitting! – Sarah (Owner)”